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Dentist Journal


Is it Time for a Checkup?

Many people make the mistake of waiting until their oral health takes a nasty turn before turning to a dentist for help. This is unfortunate considering that dentists offer regular check-ups that are intended to prevent issues before they arise. One should book in one of these dental checkup appointments every 6 months. However, if […]


Proper Preventative Dental Care

Your mouth can be a dirty place where bacteria like to build up and adhere to your teeth in the form of plaque. When it hardens, the bacteria rapidly eat away at the teeth. Such a habit can cause your teeth to deteriorate over time when not checked properly. This can have some nasty consequences, […]


Is Cosmetic Dentistry Right for You?

Your smile is the first impression that you share with the world, so it’s important to be proud of your pearly whites. To get a killer smile, you have to practice good dental habits, such as regular flossing and brushing, as well as visiting your dentist for routine appointments. However, you may have specific challenges […]


How to Achieve the Perfect Smile at Any Age

A great smile can change your life. It makes you more attractive and approachable while also boosting your own confidence. However, a smile you don’t love can prevent you from smiling or laughing in public or photos, which can have a negative effect on your self-esteem. Even though everyone has the best intentions for their […]

5 Benefits of Invisible Braces

Many people are moving away from traditional braces opting for the sleeker, more modern invisible braces, and with good reason! Gone are the days of chunky metal and wires, replaced with a comfortable alternative that won’t impact your appearance. If you’ve considered invisible braces but still haven’t made your final decision, consider these five benefits. […]