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Dentist Journal


5 Tips to Avoid Bad Breath

In the majority of cases, bad breath (also known as halitosis) isn’t a serious condition on its own. However, it can be an embarrassing and bothersome problem for the estimated 2.4% of adults that suffer from it. If you’re looking to prevent bad breath, it’s crucial to maintain a good dental care routine — but […]


The Importance of Dental Fillings

Most people at some stage of their life will require a dental filling for a cavity. A simple procedure, dental fillings are the most common procedure performed by dentists and are designed to protect your teeth. In this blog, we will discuss the importance of fillings and why visiting your dentist is essential in maintaining […]


4 Oral Hygiene Mistakes You Might Be Making

Even if you think you’re doing all the right things in terms of your dental care habits, you could be making some mistakes without knowing it. Whether it’s brushing too vigorously or using the wrong kind of toothbrush, people make several common mistakes when it comes to their oral hygiene routine. Below, we’ll highlight four […]


Visiting the Dentist During Covid

Because the COVID epidemic encourages us to be as precautionary as possible, it may seem like an unideal time to make a dentist visit, considering it will require exposing the mouth. However, risks of becoming affected by COVID during a dentist visit are, in fact, very minimal. On the other hand, the risks of not […]


Must-Have Items for a Healthy Smile

Taking good care of your teeth each and every day requires the right amount of diligence and self-discipline. There aren’t many people that enjoy brushing and flossing their teeth after a long and exhausting day, but these habits are essential to keep your smile healthy for years to come. In order to properly maintain your […]


Why You Shouldn’t Skip Brushing Your Teeth before Bed

After a long day, it’s tempting to skip your dental routine and hop straight into bed. While it might not feel like a huge deal to neglect your nightly brushing for a night or two, it can quickly turn into a bad habit that’s hard to break. Even if you’ve been lax about brushing your […]