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Custom Fitted Mouthguard

Dental injuries caused on the sporting field are not just costly, but they are often easily preventable with a custom fitted mouthguard. Sport, leisure and recreational activities are the most common cause of dental injuries that can often be very painful and require extensive treatment. Mouthguards provide a valuable layer of protection for your teeth during physical activities that carry a risk of dental injury.

‘Off the shelf’ mouthguards commonly bought from sporting stores and pharmacies often provide inadequate protection, impede breathing and communication. Professionally fitted mouthguards offer more than just a good fit – they provide the best type of cushioned protection and application for all your recreation needs. While over-the-counter mouthguards are a cheaper alternative, they don’t take the unique shape of your jawline and bite into consideration, which often makes them ill-fitting and bulky.

A custom fitted mouthguard is a small investment that will help ensure the health of your teeth and reduce the risk of dental injury during physical activity. The precise fit of our custom mouthguards provides a high level of both protection and comfort for patients; protecting all teeth while fitting snugly into position, without moving around or falling out.

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