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Dentist Journal

What to Do Before Visiting Dental Clinics in Parramatta

Dental Emergencies 101: What to Do Before Visiting Dental Clinics in Parramatta

A sudden dental emergency can be very distressing. Situations like an intense throbbing toothache, forcefully having your teeth displaced due to a sports injury, or a cracked tooth caused by a fall are extremely traumatic experiences. Such abrupt dental crises and trauma can catch you off guard and instantly disrupt your daily functioning. Coping with the sheer pain and dealing with the uncertainty of possible permanent damage can feel very daunting and overwhelming for most people. It is, therefore, invaluable to know a few first-aid tips and tricks on alleviating the pain and tackling dental trauma calmly before being treated at a reputable dental clinic in Parramatta.

How to Treat Common Dental Emergencies


Severe dental pain can often occur unexpectedly due to tooth decay, enlarged infection in the gums, advanced periodontal disease or the formation of a crack in a tooth. As a first response, gently swish warm salt water inside the mouth to dislodge any food particles stuck near the problematic tooth or gum area causing discomfort, and make a prompt appointment with a reputable dental clinic in Parramatta. If you don’t want to take pain medication, you can bite on a clove bud to numb the pain for temporary relief.

Cracked Tooth

When a part of the tooth cracks off due to injury, accidents, or teeth grinding, avoiding hot or cold foods that could instantly intensify and worsen the dental pain is absolutely essential for managing discomfort levels. Additionally, taking over-the-counter pain relief medication and using sugar-free chewing gum to seal and protect the cracked tooth area temporarily can minimise chances of further damage until you can receive emergency dental care treatment.

Chipped Tooth

If a small tooth fragment breaks off due to a hard bite or injury, it can leave the tooth sharp or uneven. This can cause significant discomfort and lead to an infection in the open crack over time. To alleviate pain and prevent complications, rinse the mouth thoroughly with warm salt water and very gently dab a sterile cotton pad near the chipped area to remove any loose shards. Covering the damaged teeth with orthodontic relief wax temporarily shields contact until visiting a dental clinic in Parramatta.

Knocked Out Tooth

When a tooth is completely displaced from the gum due to an impact, finding the tooth and touching only the crown is crucial. Gently rinse it under water without scrubbing root fibres, and try to reposition the tooth in the socket if possible. Otherwise, immediately store it in milk/saline solution to prevent it from drying out and get to a dental clinic as quickly as possible, preferably within 30 minutes of injury.

Abscessed Tooth

An infected tooth marked by a sac with pus and foul taste requires immediate expert care at well-reputed dental clinics Parramatta. Before receiving appropriate treatment, be sure to steer clear of temperature extreme foods and drinks, either too hot or too cold, as they can amplify the intense pounding pain and possible facial swelling stemming from the dental abscess. Additionally, sticking to a soft, smooth diet will prevent further irritation of the inflamed area while maintaining diligent oral hygiene by gently brushing and flossing around the abscess to manage bacteria levels until professional emergency dental treatment.

Emergency Services Offered at Dental Clinics Parramatta

Over the years, Dental Avenue Parramatta has become a trusted choice for emergency dental care. Our modern clinic is fully prepared to tackle severe tooth infections, uncontrolled bleeding, chipped teeth, tooth displacement and other dental problems elaborated above. 

With cutting-edge equipment, the latest dental protocols, and experienced cross-functional teams in place, your dental in Parramatta can diagnose and perform suitable urgent dental emergency care. We also refer patients to trusted specialists for advanced treatments like dental implants to replace knocked-out teeth whenever necessary.  If you experience any sudden dental emergency, contact us immediately at 1300 315 540, and we will schedule an urgent slot for you to meet at our dental clinics Parramatta. Save our number now, so you do not have to put “dental emergencies near me” in the search bar of your phone. Your precious smile and dental health are our responsibility.

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