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Dentist Journal

Oral Health Questions Answered

Dentist Q&A: Answers to Your Top Oral Health Question

Whether you seek guidance on restorative treatment options for a missing tooth, are anxious about an upcoming root canal treatment, or seek information on teeth whitening options, our professional team is happy to answer all your oral health questions. We make sure you leave the Dental Clinics Parramatta confident and well-informed. 

Here are the top dental questions our patients frequently raise:

When should I see a dentist? 

We highly advise you to schedule an appointment outside your regular check-up if you experience jaw pain, gum swelling, tooth sensitivity, bleeding gums, or a bad taste in the mouth to prevent more significant issues and extensive dental work.

What do I do in a dental emergency?

The most common dental emergencies in which patients turn to a Parramatta dentist for help are knocked-out teeth due to a sports injury or sudden and severe toothache. Both cases require immediate dental care.

What are sealants for? 

Dental sealants prevent cavities. Applied to cover the chewing surfaces of the molars, the protective layer blocks harmful bacteria and food debris. The thin coatings are made of plastic resin and can prevent tooth decay for many years after application.

What are smart toothbrushes? 

While both electric and manual options clean your teeth effectively, a smart toothbrush can monitor and track your dental routine. Paired with your phone, the app can give you feedback and information on how to improve your oral hygiene to prevent cavities, gum disease and more.  

Why use mouthwash? 

Using mouthwash benefits individuals who have a higher risk of tooth decay or gum disease. Mouthwash kills bacteria after meals but cannot replace brushing and flossing. Your Parramatta dentist can recommend a trustworthy oral care product.

How can I prevent bad breath?

Since poor oral hygiene, gum disease, or certain foods can cause bad breath, we recommend brushing your teeth and cleaning your tongue after every meal, in addition to mouthwash. If your bad breath continues, schedule an appointment to discuss treatment options.

What are signs of gum disease?

We often notice that patients have heard of gum disease but don’t always know the warning signs. A common warning sign is bad breath, excessive bleeding when brushing and flossing, bleeding when eating, or visible pus in gums or between teeth. 

Which teeth-whitening options are best? 

While over-the-counter products and take-home kits from the local shop can provide some improvement, receiving a radiant smile through cosmetic bleaching at a Parramatta dentist is much safer and long-lasting for patients with mildly discoloured or stained teeth. 

Are X-rays really safe? 

The experts at Dental Clinics Parramatta limit X-rays to only what’s necessary for a diagnosis, as digital scans use much less radiation than traditional methods. Patients suffering from gum disease may require more frequent X-rays to monitor the condition (around every two years).

When should my child first see a dentist?

Visiting our dental clinic once their first tooth appears – or, at the latest, when they have a full set of teeth around the age of three will help get your child used to regular check-ups and help us catch potential dental problems that can affect your child’s overall health and well-being.

When Do Baby Teeth Typically Fall Out? 

Most children begin losing their milk teeth between the ages of six and eight, typically falling out in roughly the same order in which they grew. Keep in mind that all kids are different, so you should not be too worried if your child does not have all permanent teeth by the age of ten.

Can you help me with my dental anxiety?

Dental anxiety is not as uncommon as you think. Many people experience fear of needles and the sound of drills at the dentist, which can, unfortunately, result in delaying or avoiding dental treatment. To prevent extensive procedures down the line, we recommend talking with our experienced team.

How can I improve my smile? 

Crowns and bridges, veneers, teeth whitening, and invisible braces like Invisalign are all treatments that create a more uniform, attractive look and beautiful smile. Schedule your next appointment with your Parramatta dentist at Parramatta Dental Avenue here to discuss ideal options specifically tailored to your needs and teeth.

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