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Dentist Journal

Toothbrushing With Your Kids

Making Toothbrushing Fun for Kids: Expert Tips

Twice a day, every day – good oral health starts at a young age. Therefore, when your children are still youthful, it is important to instil positive associations and habits around tooth brushing. Follow these top tooth brushing tips to make brushing teeth fun for kids.

1.  Role modelling

The best influence is a positive role model. Parents should set a positive example for their children when it comes to oral health.

Try brushing your teeth in front of your child, commenting on the process. Show your child that twice-daily toothbrushing is a normal part of your day, and doing so makes your mouth feel wonderfully fresh and makes your teeth sparkle.

2.  Role Play

Dentists in Parramatta know that children learn and process information through role-playing. It is a powerful tool in helping children build self-regulation and emotional intelligence. Role-playing tooth brushing, oral care, and dentist visits can help shift anxieties, create positive associations, and build life skills. It is helpful for most children, particularly a child who may feel anxious. Take turns being the dentist and patient, and incorporate dolls and soft toys for added fun.

3.  Gadgets, gizmos and games

Tools can help children maintain motivation and consistency. Here are some things that you can try:

·        Sticker charts

Parramatta dentists often recommend sticker charts to help motivate children. First, choose a reward such as a special activity or toy. Next, select an appropriate goal to suit your child’s needs. It should be a realistically achievable goal so that your child can enjoy the benefit of achieving it, which helps motivate them and make them feel optimistic about brushing their teeth.

·        Timers

Timers are a fun and easy way to help encourage children to brush their teeth for two minutes. Dentists in Parramatta recommend trying an egg timer, a 2-minute song, or an electric toothbrush with a built-in timer.

·        Games

Make tooth brushing fun for the whole family by adding a game element. Who can race to the bathroom the fastest? Younger kids love fantasy games. Perhaps your child is a germ hunter sent by the tooth fairy to capture all the germs in their mouth. Be creative and have fun experimenting together with new ideas.  

Visit the dentist

Dental clinics in Parramatta understand the importance of a child’s first trip to the dentist and are skilled in supporting families through this milestone. The first trip should be for a check-up, where the dentist can explain their tools, examine your child’s mouth and take them for a ride up, down and back on their dentist’s chair.

Parents of apprehensive children should call ahead and notify staff so that they can be extra-vigilant in making it an enjoyable, fun and safe experience. Learn more about how to prepare your child for a trip to the dentist.

Tooth brushing can be a fun, positive experience for your child. Dental Avenue is here to help support you and your child. Call us today to chat with our friendly staff and book your child in for a check-up.

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