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Dentist Journal

Why You Shouldn’t Put Off Getting That Cavity Filled

The Importance of Promptly Filling Cavities

Although the importance of regular dental visits is well-known, many people still find it intimidating to make time to see their dentist. Whether it’s an aversion to pain or just a jam-packed schedule, some are hesitant to make time for their dental care.

However, it is essential to stay consistent with your oral hygiene – especially if you’re experiencing discomfort. In this article, we will share why it is important to seek professional treatment for cavities as soon as you can.

What are cavities?

First, it’s important to understand what cavities are and how they develop. Cavities are damaged sections of your teeth that turn into small holes. They are also known as tooth decay or caries. Cavities are caused by various factors, including bacteria and substances in food and drinks that create damage to your teeth over time. Not properly cleaning your teeth can also contribute to the development of cavities.

Cavities are one of the world’s most common health problems, but fortunately, they are easy to prevent and treat with appropriate dental care. By attending regular dentist appointments and practising proper brushing and flossing habits, you are far less likely to develop cavities.

How are cavities treated?

At your appointment, your dentist will perform a routine examination of your teeth to look for cavities and other issues. In the case that he or she finds one, it must be filled quickly to prevent more serious problems from occurring.

In most cases, getting a cavity filled is a quick and straightforward process, where your dentist will drill a hole into the decayed tooth to extract the affected portion. The hole is then filled, usually with composite resin, which can be matched to blend in with the colour of your tooth. These days, there are even ways to treat early-stage decay painlessly, without drilling into the tooth.

Why should you get your cavities filled?

While cavities are easy to fix if they are diagnosed early, you may have to undergo a more complicated procedure to correct severe cases of tooth decay. This could include fitting the tooth with a crown, performing a root canal or extracting the tooth entirely. These procedures are much more expensive than a standard cavity filling. In situations where you need a tooth removed, you may also become self-conscious about your missing tooth.

Even worse, putting off getting a cavity filled could lead to more severe complications. Leaving a cavity untreated can cause a tooth abscess, which is an infection around the tooth which leads to an accumulation of pus. Without proper treatment, a tooth abscess can develop into an infection in your jaw bone and could even lead to sepsis, which can be life-threatening.

While these consequences may sound scary, the good news is that you can generally prevent cavities by staying on top of your oral healthcare. This includes prioritising your twice-a-year dentist appointments.

If you’re looking for a dentist in Parramatta, reach out to the team at Dental Avenue. We provide high-quality dental care with a gentle and caring approach, and we aim to ensure that our patients feel completely comfortable during their visits. Call us today on 1300 315 540 or submit a booking request on our website.

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