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Dentist Journal

Revolutionizing Oral Health with an Innovative Ceramic Glass

Thanks to a brilliant job done by a team of researchers at Angstrom Laboratory at Uppsala University a new glass ceramic has been developed. This new glass ceramic is three times stronger than any of the ceramics currently on the market. Our dentists in Parramatta are excited as this news means better dental care with patients not having to visit their dentists as often, as they are benefiting from new, stronger and longer lasting teeth.

A ceramic is an inorganic and non-metallic material that constitute the main group of materials. Examples of ceramic materials include glass, tile, brick, cement, concrete and glaze.

There is a new type of glass ceramic that is three times stronger and is translucent. Current ceramics are white, and while the colour – or lack of it isn’t really important, it’s the combination of colour and durability that is the successful combination, especially when it comes to the materials dentist in Parramatta use to repair our teeth.

Researchers at the unit for Applied Materials Science at Angstrom Laboratory lead by Wei Xia who heads the research team along with Le Fu and Hakan Engqvist stated – Our teeth are hard and strong and have a nice colour, and they require strong material for repairs. The dilemma in dentistry today is that existing strong materials are white in colour (a white that does not look natural), and materials that are translucent is not as strong. Our ceramics are three times stronger and also translucent. This means that you can customise the colour of the tooth to match the patient’s other teeth, resulting in a natural appearance. The material is intended for use in dental repairs, for broken teeth and for bridges and crowns.”

It is the hope of the research team that these new materials will provide patients with not only better health but will also make dental care cheaper in the long run simply because patients won’t need to visit their dentist as often.

This marvellous new discovery has already attracted a lot of attention, all around the world and the team is hoping that their research will soon hit the market and be an available option for people everywhere. The idea is to use glass ceramics in all dental areas where a strong and translucent material is needed – for example – for use as various types of Dental implants.

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