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Dentist Journal

A Closer Look at the Role of Sugar in Tooth Decay

A Closer Look at the Role of Sugar in Tooth Decay

We all know that sugar isn’t good for your teeth. In fact, sugar is a key culprit behind tooth decay from clients who visit the dental in Parramatta clinic. However, it would not be fair to blame sugar alone as the sole offender, as the actual chain of events that unfolds after consuming sugary foods and drinks is what promotes dental caries.

Your mouth is home to a diverse community of bacterial residents, some beneficial to your dental health and others extremely harmful. Numerous studies have revealed that a certain group of these harmful oral bacteria produce acid as a by-product when they encounter and digest the sugars you consume. These acidic substances slowly wear away the protective outer layer of a tooth, called enamel, and can cause permanent damage, eventually leading to a cavity in the tooth structure over time.

If dental caries is not treated by dentists in Parramatta, the decay can reach the inner layers of the teeth and cause severe pain, which is why patients visit the clinic outside their annual check-ups.

The Bacteria Behind Cavities

Upon consuming sugary treats, two bacteria in your mouth will instantly feast on the sweetness and create that transparent, sticky layer on the teeth. Known as plaque, those two bacteria, streptococcus mutans and streptococcus sorbrinus, will foster the acidic milieu within the mouth, which is responsible for wearing away the tooth enamel. Without thorough brushing and regular dental cleanings at your dentist in Parramatta, plaque will persist and eventually foster the development and progression of cavities.

Avoid Sugary Treats and Beverages

To lower the risk of cavities, dentist in Parramatta recommend their patients follow a diet that places them at low risk of developing tooth decay. Not surprisingly, this diet should contain fewer sugary snacks and beverages, especially energy drinks, as many of these already hold a high level of acids. Frequently sipping on sugary beverages exposes your teeth to a steady flow of sugar, which keeps the harmful acid production by oral bacteria at a constant high level and increases the damage of tooth enamel. 

Similarly, sticky sweets and other treats that linger longer in the mouth trigger the production of acids, and even savoury treats like potato chips stuck in the grooves of teeth can provide starchy residue that the bacteria can feed on.

Follow a Balanced Diet

Consequently, the best way to avoid frequently visiting a dental in Parramatta clinic for cavity treatment is to focus on a balanced diet with lots of fresh produce, whole grain, and calcium-containing dairy products. While the occasional indulgence in sweet treats or sugary beverages is perfectly fine, try to consume them with a main meal rather than a separate snack to prevent the sugar from lingering on your teeth for an extended period and bacteria time to feast away. If you don’t have the opportunity to thoroughly brush your teeth shortly after sugar intake, rinse your mouth with water to swish away possible food particles and sugar residue and prevent plaque build-up.

Practice Good Oral Hygiene

Beyond your diet, practising diligent oral hygiene at home, as advised by the dentists in Parramatta, is key for preventing tooth decay. Brushing twice daily using a dollop of fluoride toothpaste and flossing once per day will dislodge trapped food particles and avoid plaque build-up. In addition, consider scheduling professional dental cleanings every six months and not just once every year, as these deep cleanings at the dental in Parramatta clinic thoroughly remove already hardened plaque build-up, which you cannot discard fully with an oral care routine at home. 

Maintain Your Oral Health with Dental in Parramatta

While enjoying a sweet treat and beverage now and then, be mindful of your diet and keep up with preventative dental care to avoid cavities and other forms of tooth decay. To prevent the production of cavity-causing bacteria in your mouth and to strengthen your teeth, another proactive approach is discussing regular fluoride treatment next time you visit the dentists in Parramatta.

If you live in or near Parramatta and are worried about how your sugar consumption affects your teeth, contact Dental Avenue Parramatta at 1300 315 540 to book an appointment for guidance, a dental cleaning or a regular check-up. 

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