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Dentist Journal

Foods to Steer Clear of to Prevent Chipped Teeth

Foods to Steer Clear of to Prevent Chipped Teeth

Unfortunately, minor tooth fractures are often caused by everyday foods and affect thousands of people nationwide. For example, imagine you are munching away on a bag of popcorn in the movie theatre only to feel a sharp crack in your tooth. To avoid more visits to your dental clinic Parramatta than necessary, we have compiled this tooth-saving guide about better food choices for chip-free smiles.

Hard, Crunchy Foods

As a dental in Parramatta clinic, we see plenty of patients seeking tooth repairs after biting into hard foods. The high crunch factor stresses teeth to the breaking point, and foods we frequently hear about at our dental clinic Parramatta include:

  • Rock-hard candies and lollies like peppermints, fruit drops, boiled sweets or jawbreakers
  • Ice cubes served in drinks or munched on alone
  • Toasted bread crusts, crackers, pretzels, granola and breakfast cereals
  • Hard nuts, popcorn kernels, rice crisps and corn nuts
  • Tough meats eaten off the bone, like chicken wings or ribs

What To Do After Chipping a Tooth

When you hear your tooth crunch mid-bite, don’t panic, but take swift action. First, carefully locate any broken tooth fragments and bring them along to your appointment. We may be able to reattach pieces at our dental clinic Parramatta, if they are large enough. Next, thoroughly but gently rinse your mouth with warm water to flush out any smaller broken chips lodged under your gums. If you experience severe tooth pain or noticeable facial swelling after the incident, apply an ice pack to help reduce inflammation and numb sensitive nerves. Be sure to stick to only soft foods or soup and call our dental clinic Parramatta, as soon as possible to schedule an urgent dental exam so we can properly assess and restore your damaged tooth. The sooner we can repair your tooth, the less likely you’ll need extensive repairs like root canal treatment or crowns if the inner pulp becomes infected.

Tooth-Friendly Foods

Prevention is the best tactic by avoiding foods notorious for cracking teeth in the first place, and rather than fear foods that fracture teeth, focus on tooth-safe choices that nourish your body and strengthen enamel. We recommend these smart swaps:

Fruits and Veggies

Softer, ripe produce like sliced melon, steamed parsnips, or cauliflower rice makes snacking nutritious without nasty cracks. Their high water content requires less intense biting force.  

Dairy Foods

Creamy yoghurts, cottage cheese, ricotta cheese toasties, milk and ice cream give your smile calcium without the crunch.


Hearty oatmeal, flaked cereals, cream of wheat, pasta and rice provide fabulous carb fuel for bodies and teeth. Save crackers for a special treat.  


Scrambled eggs, yoghurt bowls, seed crackers with guacamole, hummus dippers, canned fish and well-cooked tender meats are gentle on teeth. 


Puddings, gelatins, apple crisps, muffins and other gooey or moist soft desserts decrease the odds you’ll damage teeth when indulging in a sweet craving.

While the occasional crunch fest is OK, opt for a soft snacks over firmer foods to protect your pearly whites. Call your dental clinic Parramatta anytime if you chip or fracture a tooth for speedy treatment and expert repairs.

How to Prevent Chipping Teeth

Wondering how to prevent chipped teeth and avoid regular visits to your dentist? The tooth-friendly foods listed above help strengthen your enamel to resist cracks. But you can also take a few more proactive steps to prevent chipping teeth:

  • Cut harder produce like apples into thin slices rather than chewing on whole chunks.
  • Avoid chewing ice cubes or frozen treats that can fracture teeth with their rock-solid texture.
  •  Consume chocolate slowly in small melty pieces rather than biting firmly into large chunks. 
  • Cut meat completely off bones before eating rather than gnawing gristle directly.
  • Use a knife to chop nuts into granules rather than crunching down on whole almonds or hard seeds.  

Your Emergency Dental In Parramatta

Following these tips on how to prevent teeth from chipping will help you dodge trips to Parramatta Dental Avenue for emergency repairs! Enjoy a healthy, balanced diet with smart adjustments to avoid tooth fractures and don’t forget to schedule annual check-ups at 1300 315 540 to keep your smile radiant and healthy.

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