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Dentist Journal

A Patient's Guide to Tooth Extraction and Aftercare

Guide to Tooth Extraction and Aftercare for Patients

We understand that tooth extraction is not an experience patients look forward to. They may worry about the pain level during and after the procedure and the best aftercare tooth extraction steps to promote fast healing. While their concerns are completely understandable, be assured that your dentist Parramatta makes tooth extractions as smooth and comfortable as possible. 

Let us walk you through the process, the common reasons why extractions are required and how to care for your mouth afterwards for a speedy recovery.

Your Parramatta dentists may decide extraction is the best option if you have:

Advanced Tooth Decay 

Cavities tunnelling deep into teeth can spread infection down tooth roots, and removal may be required if fillings or caps cannot treat the decay.

Gum Disease

Gum disease is commonly caused by poor dental hygiene; bacteria slowly destroy gum tissue and jaw bone until teeth become loose. Your dentist Parramatta will try saving teeth through deep cleanings first before resorting to removal in advanced cases.  

Tooth Overcrowding Issues

Sometimes, extra teeth emerge that crowd our mouths, causing existing teeth to overlap severely due to abnormal positioning. Extraction is often the solution if there’s no room for teeth to align properly through orthodontics.

Tooth Trauma/Fractures 

Major injury through falls, accidents or sports can crack teeth down to nerve endings or fully displace teeth out of sockets. Depending on the severity, teeth may require removal if they cannot be realigned or repaired.

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth can become stuck beneath gums and push on exiting molars. Impacted wisdom teeth often require surgical extraction to prevent infections and damage to surrounding teeth.

What To Expect During a Tooth Extraction

Preparing for and undergoing the procedure is straightforward. Before your appointment, you should provide information about any medications you take and discuss pre-existing conditions. This allows your dentist Parramatta to account for extra risks, such as increased bleeding or delayed healing times. 

On the day of the extraction, you’ll be seated in our modern dental chair as your dentist sedates the area around the affected tooth. A local anaesthetic injection into your gums is enough to keep you comfortable for simple extractions where teeth are visible. Still, you may opt for oral or IV sedation methods for teeth stuck beneath gums or requiring more complex removal. Once numb, your dentist will use specialised equipment designed to loosen the tooth, then gently pull it from its sockets until it is removed fully. 

Healing Typically Takes Only 2 Weeks

The body naturally heals itself well after tooth extractions thanks to blood clots that form in empty sockets. The first 24 hours are crucial for allowing clots to stabilise within the protection of your mouth. Within two weeks, the clot gets absorbed into healing tissue, and your gums and bone will seal up space efficiently so you can comfortably eat, speak and laugh again.  

Tooth Extraction Aftercare

To allow your mouth to heal in just 14 days, be sure to follow these aftercare for tooth extraction steps recommended by Parramatta dentists:

Care For Blood Clots

When first leaving your appointment, bite gently on gauze pads over your empty tooth sockets. Doing so applies light pressure to encourage clots to thicken over 4 hours.

Keep The Area Clean but Undisturbed  

Avoid rinsing your mouth on the first day so clots remain undisturbed initially, which prevents dry socket complications. After 24 hours, mix salt with warm water to rinse gently around extraction sites to keep them clean. 

Stick To Soft Foods

Chewy, hard foods could dislodge clots before they fully harden and heal. For a week after extractions, stick with nutrient-dense soups, smoothies, yoghurts and ice cream to nourish your body while eating comfortably.

Allow Yourself Rest 

Vigorous exercise temporarily reduces blood flow, healing your gums. Avoid doing sports and use the downtime to catch up on your favourite TV shows instead! 

Contact Your Dentist Parramatta For Extractions Or Check-ups!  

Now that you know what to expect when removing problematic teeth, don’t hesitate to book an appointment at Dental Avenue Parramatta online or call 1300 315 540 to enjoy minimally invasive dental treatments from Parramatta’s finest oral health professionals today!

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