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Dentist Journal

What’s The Difference Between Braces And Veneers

Braces or Veneers: Understanding the Key Differences

Both braces and veneers are strategies that dentists use to fix alignment issues in people’s teeth; whether that be gaps in the teeth, bite issues, or crookedness. Correcting these problems will help you achieve the perfect smile that you can be proud to show off. They just accomplish doing so in different ways. So, let’s explore those differences so you can choose what the best solution is for you:

Comfort Level

Braces may feel uncomfortable as they shift the position of teeth in your mouth slowly over time. They can also hurt inside your mouth when the metal rubs against your cheek. Veneers, on the other hand, don’t cause much pain at all, even during the procedure when some enamel is removed. After this, there is a two-week adjustment period during which your teeth may feel a bit more sensitive, but after this time you will be used to them.  Thereafter, they should feel just like regular teeth as much as they look like them.

The Look

The aesthetic look of braces is highly noticeable and not too appealing for most people. Especially adults may find it embarrassing to commit to years of this change in their look and may not be taken seriously in professional settings. There are other options nowadays, however, like the Invisalign, but these are more costly.


In order to continue shifting the teeth into their ideal placement, a person with braces must visit an orthodontist regularly to check the fit and make necessary adjustments. Veneers don’t require such maintenance in the beginning, but then again, braces won’t require maintenance at all after the treatment period is finished.


It may take 2 or even 3 years of wearing braces to attain the perfect alignment you’re looking for. You can get to your smile much faster with veneers, though. It only takes a few visits to the dentist to complete the transformative procedure.


While veneers deliver a much faster rate when it comes to giving you a straighter smile, it comes at the cost of irreversibly cutting down your natural teeth to fit the porcelain pieces to them. And braces might feel more uncomfortable over a longer period of time, but they don’t change the true nature of your teeth that much.

More than Alignment

Veneers also can remedy chipped teeth, change the shape of your teeth and even whiten your teeth. That means they will not only appear straighter, but pearlier and prettier. Braces cannot provide these extra benefits, but there are alternate methods of achieving them, like teeth whitening and bonding.

Veneers are a bit more concerned with the cosmetics of your smile whilst braces have more power when it comes to alignment; whether they are overcrowded, you have an under or overbite, or any similar issues. They can really correct the structure of tooth placement in the mouth. Keep in mind that veneers make more changes on your natural teeth than you cannot undo, however. With all of this knowledge about braces and veneers, you can make the most appropriate choice for your mouth. If you need more advice, or to find a dental clinic in Parramatta, contact Dental Avenue Parramatta today.

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