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Dentist Journal

Preparing Your Child For Their Trip To The Dentist

Preparing Your Child for Their Trip to the Dentist

It’s very important to take kids to the dentist at an early age so that the health of their mouth is attended to properly. You may begin taking them to the dentist at around the age of 3. Dentists can detect potential issues early on and can prevent them from progressing or occurring in the first place. Plus, children will become accustomed to dentist visits early, which will make them feel at ease and comfortable going forward.

Choose Your Dentist

Make sure that dentists who will serve your children are warm and friendly. Kids can get spooked easily, especially on their first visit, so you want the environment to be as positive as possible. A great experience with great people will encourage relaxed visits in the future.


Make sure when scheduling your child’s appointment that you don’t make the mistake of booking it close to or during naptime. A cranky mood certainly won’t be conducive for the peaceful experience you’re hoping for. Generally, morning appointments are great because the child has a lot of energy, which can mitigate any stress.


Perhaps we over-rely on media these days to entertain children and keep them occupied as its convenient. But if you are a strict parent, this may be an exception. A favourite song or video that is familiar and loved by your child may be a great way to detract their attention from any nervous or fearful thoughts they have in the dentist’s office!

Play Ahead of Time

Children respond really well to play and it can help them gain a light-hearted familiar association with a new experience. So, for instance, you can play dentist with them the day before and give them a fake check-up! Make sure it seems extra fun. You can even give a check-up to their favourite doll or stuffed animal that they bring along to the dentist. There are great children’s books as well about dentist’s visits that can also familiarize them with the upcoming situation.

Keep Yourself Calm

Children respond to your energy; especially as their caregiver, they take the cue from you for how they should be feeling about new circumstances. So even if you don’t love dentists trips yourself, try not to let it show!

Before And After

Ahead of time tell them briefly what to expect; that the dentist won’t give them any shots and will simply examine and clean their teeth. If they express fear, tell them they should be brave. Offer them a reward they will receive after the visit, so they have something to look forward to. For example, you can go to the toy shop with the promise of buying a new toy.

Come in Peace

Going to the dentist is absolutely necessary, especially for young ones who must be taken care of and get into good habits. But it doesn’t have to be scary! Use this guide to give your children a peaceful time at the dentist, and they will forget their fear of the unknown. For childrens’ dentists in Paramatta, Dental Avenue offers professional service, as well as staff with a cheerful welcoming attitude to make the children feel at ease during their visit.

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