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Dentist Journal

What Are The Requirements For Teeth Whitening?

What are the Requirements for Teeth Whitening?

Having pearly white teeth is something that everyone is after, but what are the real requirements for teeth whitening? Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental procedure that can help to brighten dull and yellowed teeth. Anyone with teeth staining knows and understands the impact that it can have on their self-confidence. It can affect their daily activities and lead to a reluctance to smile.

At Dental Avenue in Parramatta, we offer a range of cosmetic dentistry, tooth-coloured restorations and veneers to give you that smile you’ve been dreaming of. Today, we’re looking into the requirements of teeth whitening so you can evaluate if it’s the service that’s right for you. 

Who is and isn’t a suitable applicant for teeth whitening? 

One of the biggest misconceptions we hear as a dentist in Parramatta is that teeth whitening is for everyone. While we wish this were true, teeth whitening is only for those with the right dental conditions. Specifically, teeth whitening is a service for those with excellent dental health: healthy teeth and gums. 

Prior to your teeth whitening in Parramatta, your dentist will complete a regular check-up, inspecting for any small cracks or breaks that may affect the teeth whitening process. Patients with existing dental conditions need to ensure all dental issues are dealt with before the teeth whitening process begins. Attempting to whiten unhealthy teeth can lead to lasting damage. 

Those who aren’t suitable candidates to receive a teeth whitening treatment are listed below:

  • Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers 
  • Children under 16 
  • Those with sensitive teeth
  • Those who have allergies to peroxide 
  • Patients with tooth decay, cavities and exposed roots 
  • Gum disease 

In addition, teeth whitening is a treatment that can only brighten the teeth; those looking for a beaming white bright smile may need to look into other treatments. Teeth whitening will affect each patient differently; however, it usually only brightens the teeth several shades lighter instead of transforming them into bright white. 

How does the process of teeth whitening work at Dental Avenue Parramatta? 

Being a dentist located in Parramatta, we’ve tailored our services to fit the needs of our patients. Our process of working towards achieving a white smile is broken down into three parts. 

In-office whitening 

To begin our process, we first start with an appointment which takes around 30 to 45 minutes. One of our qualified dentists will apply a peroxide gel and then use a laser to activate it. 

Custom mouth trays 

Moving onto the next stage, our dentists will take a mould of your teeth and set them aside at the start of your next appointment. These moulds will be utilised to facilitate the application of a secondary bleaching gel onto your teeth. This step takes around an hour. 

Home treatment 

Coming to the final stages of the treatment, your dentist will leave you with a mild peroxide and give you thorough instructions on how to administer this at home. This is entirely safe for you to complete yourself. How long this step of the process takes will vary with each patient. 

What about at-home teeth whitening kits? 

Depending on the severity of staining on the teeth, at-home teeth whitening kits can work for some patients. However, for the most part, at-home kits won’t give you the long-lasting result that in-chair appointments will. At-home kits simply don’t have a high enough percentage of peroxide to achieve the same effect as an in-chair process. They also don’t come with custom-fitted trays, which can leave patients with gum and lip irritation, a side effect that can be highly uncomfortable.

How often should I have my teeth whitened? 

The effects of teeth whitening will last anywhere between six months to two years. This varies based on the current state of teeth at the stage they’re at when whitened. The aftercare will hugely impact it. Being constantly aware of food and lifestyle choices will assist in maintaining the white colour of your teeth. 

What causes discolouration in teeth? 

Teeth discolouration is something that can weigh you down, having a huge effect on self-confidence, overall oral health and well-being. While this is negative, plenty can be done to avoid staining and keep your teeth bright. Teeth discolouration is mainly due to lifestyle and food choices. If you’re struggling with discoloured teeth, then evaluating some oral health no no’s is key to improving your smile. Listed below are just some of the causes of discoloured teeth. 

  • Soft drinks
  • Energy drinks
  • Coffee 
  • Red wine 
  • Tea 
  • Berries
  • Beetroot 
  • Cigarettes 
  • Poor dental hygiene 

In addition to these, those who are ageing will tend to struggle with yellowing or discoloured teeth. This is something that occurs naturally with old age. However, it is usually due to changes in medications, changes of dentin or enamel, abrasion and attrition. 

What can I expect during my teeth whitening treatment? 

Your teeth whitening treatment will be comfortable, painless, and enjoyable. Due to the extensive training that our highly qualified dentists undergo, our patients can experience a treatment where they feel informed throughout the entire process. Our dentists will give you all the information you need to know, along with answering any other questions you have. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a dentist in Parramatta who will make you feel comfortable, all while providing a service that you’re happy with, we encourage you to chat with us. We make sure that you’re at ease throughout your appointment and are comfortable with each procedure before it’s happened. 

Our team is built around a customer-focused foundation. We put emphasis on ensuring all patients feel comfortable and can actually enjoy their regular dental checkups rather than fearing them. Using a combination of the latest technology and the highest qualified dentists, we’re here to make your smile shine. 

Dental Avenue Parramatta will help you to create a custom teeth whitening plan that will best get your teeth.

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