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Dentist Journal

What Are the Most Common Dental Issues Faced by Seniors?

There are some parts of getting older that are just fabulous – knowing yourself better, having the means to do what you please, and even enjoying retirement. However, there are some parts of getting older that aren’t so great – namely that our bodies start to not work as well as they used to and you feel like things are sort of falling apart!

As we age, not only do our bodies not work as well, perhaps, as they used to, but we can find ourselves having extra trouble with dental issues that we never had when we were younger. It’s not surprising, really, given how long our teeth have been in our mouths.

Getting older, we are more susceptible to getting cavities in our teeth and tooth decay in general. This is when the enamel of our teeth wears out and bad bacteria gets into the tooth, eating away at it and causing holes. Brushing and flossing after meals is very important to try and avoid getting cavities and tooth decay.

Many seniors may also suffer from a dry mouth. While this isn’t a natural part of getting older, having a dry mouth is one of the side effects of a surprisingly large number of medications, including both over the counter and prescription medicines. This includes some types of antihistamines, pain relief medicines, and muscle relaxants. Checking medicines carefully, and replacing them with another type if possible is recommended. Otherwise, remedying a dry mouth can be done by drinking more water, chewing gum (sugar free of course!), using oral sprays, saliva substitutes, etc.

Another issue that can affect seniors is gum disease. This is when gums become inflamed and can bleed easily. Gum disease, if caught before it gets serious, is fairly easily turned around by paying particular care to oral health, especially when it comes to flossing.

Seniors may find themselves losing teeth if they haven’t taken particular care of their oral health over the years, which is why many people have a set of dentures when older. While you don’t have to be ashamed of losing teeth, you should make sure to have the right dentures and take good care of them to ensure you don’t have extra problems in the future.

Whether you’re a senior yourself or concerned with ageing parents or friends, oral health remains very important. Regular trips to the dentist should be a priority at all ages to make sure that your mouth remains in the best condition possible. If you’re after an appointment for a check up then give us a call at Dental Avenue, dentist in Parramatta to arrange a time to come in and see one of our professional, friendly dentists. You owe it to yourself to look after your health!

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