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How Serious is Gum Recession?

Usually, when we think about oral heath, we think about things like holes in your teeth, rotten or missing teeth, getting fillings and falsies, or even bleeding gums. But today we’re here to talk about another problem that you may not generally consider: receding gums. Unlike a receding hairline, receding gums are not generally a genetic condition – although this may be a factor. What they [...]

Does Invisalign Hurt?

Now, more than ever before, we have more choices for cosmetic dentistry solutions. One of the popular newer technologies is Invisalign. Invisalign is an alternative to traditional braces and retainer solutions when it comes to straightening your teeth. The aligners are clear and so are almost impossible to see when you look in the mirror – so they can be far more aesthetically pleasing than t[...]

Why many brides have cosmetic dentistry before their wedding

Women that have been married know exactly how important wedding photos are when it comes to capturing the highlights of the best day of their lives. Sometimes these photos come back and the bride doesn’t seem all that happy, occasionally because she’s embarrassed of her teeth. Having cosmetic dentistry before the big day – a *smile makeover* as part of the wedding day planning will have a[...]

What if your child refuses braces?

As a parent, you want only the best for your child, even if something is going to be difficult, but the results will be worth it. Braces can be for many of us a nightmare, so how do you deal with a child that refuses to get braces?

No child *wants* braces, it’s only as they get older [...]

Why do I have one tooth that’s discoloured?

Google can answer a lot of tooth-related questions. Some of the stranger ones relate to teeth that itch or hurt during your early morning jog. The former is probably a sign of tooth sensitivity, while the latter might mean you’re grinding your teeth in your sleep or that you have a sinus infection.

However, there are many questions that dentists can answer far more accurately than sea[...]

How our teeth colour restoration technique works

When patients think about improving their pearly whites, that’s generally what comes to mind. They want their teeth to be shiny and white, making their smiles appear as healthy as possible.

As our dentists in Parramatta can tell you, not all whites are equal. Think about that bridal reality show you’ll never admit [...]

Can You Fight Teeth Genes?

Mum has dentures and dad is now missing all his chompers? What sort of a dental future am I headed towards!?

When I look in the mirror I see nice pearly whites, perhaps a little stained from coffee – they could use a whitening, and a filling or two, but generally they’re in good nick. But when I look at my parents however...

I’ve heard them complain about everything over t[...]

What to look forward to with Invisalign

Braces aren’t just for kids anymore. An increasing number of adults are getting help with their orthodontics and deliberately investing in their teeth and smile.

Braces themselves have come a long way. You’re no longer restricted to a mouthful of railway lines. You can choose coloured braces that compliment your style, or even your eyes. The wire part of the braces remains a sparkli[...]

Does Menopause Affect Your Teeth and Gums?

Going through menopause is not the most pleasant time in many women’s lives. While you may be pleased that you no longer have to have to worry about birth control or periods (finally!) there are some side effects that can be less than pleasant – including changes to your teeth and gums.

Menopause generally happens to women in their 40s and 50s. However, the age at which menopause st[...]

How to Tell Your Partner They Have Bad Breath

Picture this. A romantic setting, just you and your partner, the lights dimmed, that look in both your eyes, you go in for the kiss and then… their breath kind of turns you off to be honest. Do you find yourself in this situation often? Do you find yourself wondering just how you can tell them without offending them? Have you been trying to deal with covering up your distaste for too long? We[...]