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What you probably don’t know about oral health and pregnancy

When you’re expecting a little one, there’s a lot on your mind, and chances are your teeth are the last thing you’re thinking about. You might be worried about bad breath, but it isn’t necessarily something you associate with pregnancy. At least not specifically. Of course, your strange cravings might make you more conscious about […]

Tricks for Parents to use in making oral health fun

It seems that sometimes kids will refuse to do anything that you want them to do! It’s just children testing how far they can go without having to do something. When it comes to oral health, giving in and letting them not attend to it is not an option – or you’ll be left with […]

How to look after sensitive teeth

You probably know all about sensitive skin. The kind that bakes in the Aussie sun, crinkles when it peels, and tinges all the colours of the rainbow when it gets the slightest sun kiss. But what do you do about sensitive teeth? Well, first off, it helps to know what sensitive teeth are. Our dentists […]

The Leading Causes of Tooth Loss in Adults Today

It’s not only kids who lose teeth! Adults too can lose teeth, in all manner of ways. Today we take a look at the leading causes of tooth loss among adults and what can be done to prevent them. Taking care of your teeth is a priority throughout life. After all, we only all ever […]

Some Healthy Alternatives for Your Kids Teeth This Easter Break

We all know one thing about Easter: it’s choc full of chocolate. And what is chocolate full of? Sugar! Sugar is enemy number one when it comes to children’s teeth. An excess of sugar can cause cavities, especially in little ones’ teeth as they are still developing. How do we stop the rot over Easter? […]

How to Fix a “Gummy” Smile

Ever look into the mirror or photos of yourself smiling and think, “I am all gums!!”? This is what is commonly known as a gummy smile, and it afflicts a large number of people. Now while sometimes a gummy smile can get less noticeable as the years roll on, for some people, the look is […]

Is it normal to bleed when I floss?

Did you know: One of the most frequent excuses patients use for not flossing their teeth is bleeding gums? Patients sometimes assume by avoiding areas that are bleeding, then they are allowing their gums to heal. However, bleeding gums is one of the first early warning signs that something more sinister, like gingivitis or periodontitis, […]

How Hard Is It to Fix Tooth Gaps?

Many people feel self conscious about their teeth for various reasons, be it because they are yellowing, because they are crooked, or yes, because they have gaps. Whether you’ve got a conspicuous gap between your two front teeth or you’re gappy in multiple places, if you feel like you want to hide your teeth in […]

Winter Foods To Avoid For Optimal Dental Health

Winter is often the time to explore decadent, tasty foods, but it can also present a host of potential issues for your teeth. One of the main dental complaints patients come to us with is painful sensitivity – where rapid temperature changes brought on by the sip of a hot or chilled drink can send […]

National Dental Foundation 2017 Volunteer Day

Dental Avenue Parramatta is a proud participant in the National Dental Foundation. One day a year we volunteer our services and provide basic dental care to those that are less privileged and in need. Dental services are not government subsidised, unlike the public healthcare system in Australia, which means that unless you have private health […]