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Why Is Preventative Dentistry So Important?

Most people know that they are supposed to visit their dentist twice per year if they don’t have any significant ongoing dental issues. But many people don’t recognise the consequences that can occur if they skip a scheduled dentist appointment or two.   It is true that some people have a fear of going to the dentist, so they may avoid making appointments. Unfortunately, this bad ha[...]

What Are the Early Signs of Gingivitis?

There are many unfortunate consequences of not taking care of your teeth and gums properly. One of the most common results of improper oral hygiene is gum disease, of which there are two phases. It begins with gingivitis, which can ultimately develop into a more serious condition called periodontitis.   Gum disease is usually a result of plaque (a sticky white film that contains bacteri[...]

How Does Drinking Coffee Affect Your Teeth?

Australia is well-known for its renowned coffee scene, with 75% of adults in the country drinking one cup or more each day. Coffee is an inherent part of Australian culture, and that is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon.   Unfortunately, there are several downsides to consuming coffee day after day. The dark liquid can stain and damage your teeth over time; however, there a[...]

Preventive Care

Tooth decay is an extremely unpleasant experience to happen to anyone. Most people who experience this, go through some  form of pain before and some sensitivity after treatment. Our great dentists in Paramatta would tell you that prevention is better than cure, and therefore it is essential to care for your teeth properly. Several dental habits can easily help you prevent tooth decay. These habi[...]

Why Cosmetic Dentistry is Essential to Oral Health

An appealing smile reflects good health, warmth, excitement, and most importantly, happiness. Smiling is an excellent communication method that helps you to express friendship, love, and confidence. Thus, your smile must always look its best. Discover how cosmetic dentistry service from dentists in Parramatta can allow you to get the perfect smile. Cosmetic dentistry refers to services designed[...]

Effects Neglecting Your Teeth Can Have On You

All of our great dentists in Parramatta Dental Avenue recommend dental check-ups at least twice a year. It’s especially crucial for kids to get checked before they start school because it’s vital to spot potential problems with their incoming permanent teeth. Below are a few of the factors that can be affected due to neglecting your teeth.   1. Decreased self-esteem Your smile is the f[...]

Preparing Them for Their First Dentist Trip

A lot of us fear dentists, but chatting with the friendly dentists at Dental Avenue Parramatta will soon put you at ease. Modern dental techniques like sleep dentistry and laser dentistry make your treatments virtually painless. Healing time is faster too, so the after-effects of your dental appointment are lessened. So now that you know it won’t hurt – at least not as much as you think –[...]

How to Care For Your Teeth

Poor oral hygiene can be a deal-breaker in social engagements. From bad breath to stained teeth, it can have an effect on your confidence. However, maintaining good oral hygiene is not hard. The solutions to clean white teeth are simple, and our dentists in Parramatta are more than happy to help get you on the way to your desired look. Below we have listed a few essential ways to better oral healt[...]

Best Practices for Healthy Teeth

Having poor dental hygiene can prevent you from doing something as simple as smiling. However, this is pale in comparison to the range of complications that result from poor oral health. Such include bad breath, gum disease, dental caries, and even mouth cancer. That said, some people do suffer from these complications because they are doing it wrong. If you want to have healthy teeth, here are[...]

4 Easy Ways to Improve Your Oral Hygiene

Everyone knows that dental health should be a priority, but all too often, life gets in the way, and proper oral hygiene is neglected. But dental care doesn’t have to be overwhelming or scary.   Once you establish good oral hygiene habits, you will feel strange if you go a day without practicing them. The tricky part is getting started.   In this post, we will share four ea[...]