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Can You Fight Teeth Genes?

Mum has dentures and dad is now missing all his chompers? What sort of a dental future am I headed towards!? When I look in the mirror I see nice pearly whites, perhaps a little stained from coffee – they could use a whitening, and a filling or two, but generally they’re in good nick. […]

What to look forward to with Invisalign

Braces aren’t just for kids anymore. An increasing number of adults are getting help with their orthodontics and deliberately investing in their teeth and smile. Braces themselves have come a long way. You’re no longer restricted to a mouthful of railway lines. You can choose coloured braces that compliment your style, or even your eyes. […]

Does Menopause Affect Your Teeth and Gums?

Going through menopause is not the most pleasant time in many women’s lives. While you may be pleased that you no longer have to have to worry about birth control or periods (finally!) there are some side effects that can be less than pleasant – including changes to your teeth and gums. Menopause generally happens […]

How to Tell Your Partner They Have Bad Breath

Picture this. A romantic setting, just you and your partner, the lights dimmed, that look in both your eyes, you go in for the kiss and then… their breath kind of turns you off to be honest. Do you find yourself in this situation often? Do you find yourself wondering just how you can tell […]

Are there some stains tooth whitening won’t remove?

Everybody wants a brighter smile, and if you don’t have naturally sparkling teeth, you can always check in with your friendly local dentist in Parramatta. To answer your question, let’s begin with the basics. Your tooth has three parts: the enamel, the dentin, and the pulp. Your enamel is on the outside, the dentin is […]

Do Late Teens Still Need a Significant Calcium Intake for Their Teeth?

You’ve probably heard that calcium is very important for growing teeth and bones. Calcium is an essential mineral to help young bodies grow up strong. But once your teen has grown up into a strapping young man or woman, do they still need so much of it in their diets? Today we take a look […]

Wisdom teeth

Between the ages of 16 and 26 is when people start to find their wisdom teeth are erupting. The name wisdom teeth, come from the time when a child *gets wisdom* and progresses from being a youth into being an adult. Wisdom teeth are the third of the molar series of teeth to grow into […]

What Are the Most Common Dental Issues Faced by Seniors?

There are some parts of getting older that are just fabulous – knowing yourself better, having the means to do what you please, and even enjoying retirement. However, there are some parts of getting older that aren’t so great – namely that our bodies start to not work as well as they used to and […]

What you probably don’t know about oral health and pregnancy

When you’re expecting a little one, there’s a lot on your mind, and chances are your teeth are the last thing you’re thinking about. You might be worried about bad breath, but it isn’t necessarily something you associate with pregnancy. At least not specifically. Of course, your strange cravings might make you more conscious about […]

Tricks for Parents to use in making oral health fun

It seems that sometimes kids will refuse to do anything that you want them to do! It’s just children testing how far they can go without having to do something. When it comes to oral health, giving in and letting them not attend to it is not an option – or you’ll be left with […]