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Dr. Steven Lin debunks myths about dental health

Given the amount of knowledge we have about our teeth, and the fact that GIYF (Google Is Your Friend), it’s surprising how many misconceptions we still have about teeth. Dr. Steven Lin, author of The Dental Diet, visited the set of KTLA 5 Morning News to tackle some of our wrong assumptions. 1. Kids must have braces to grow up with good teethDr. Lin, who is based in Sydney, believes nutrition h[...]

Early signs your wisdom teeth are coming through

There are benefits to having your wisdom teeth – also known as adults third molars growing in. It is generally after the age of 18 that wisdom teeth start to grow in, and, if they are in the right place they can make chewing easier – or – they can even take the place of a missing molar. If you are in need of a *dental bridge* having wisdom teeth can provide the support needed to make the pro[...]

Is Periodontitis curable?

Some people have gotten so used to their bleeding gums that they don’t give it a second thought. When they see stained fruit, tinted sandwiches, or tinged saliva in the sink, they shrug, take another bite, or keep brushing their teeth. But if you’d take a moment to visit our dental clinic, Parramatta dental experts will tell you there’s an easy way out. Periodontitis is one of the two forms[...]

Our current promotions!

Dental care is really important, but it’s also quite pricy, so many patients live with their dental discomfort until it becomes too much to bear, at which point, the solution is even more expensive. Our dentists in Parramatta believe your pocket shouldn’t get in the way of healthy teeth, so we’re offering a series of promotions to ease your burden just a little bit. The best way to find out[...]

Women Now Outnumber Men in Dentistry

You know those old dental care ads, where they show the back of the dentist, brushing teeth, waving but they can’t show his face because of professional rules and all that? Well take that image if you wish, and replace it with a woman, because for the first time in history, there are now more females than males in the world of dentistry. A recent article from the Sydney Morning Herald has broug[...]

Why you should keep us in mind for Emergency Dental Needs

'Dental emergency' is a broad term. It describes an issue of high importance involving the teeth and supporting tissues. It requires immediate attendance and/or treatment by the relevant professional. Dental emergencies do not always involve pain, although this is a common signal that something may be amiss. Dentists in Parramatta list multiple situations that might need you to seek emergency dent[...]

Some Foods That Are Surprisingly Beneficial for Your Oral Health

When you think about keeping your teeth in tip-top condition, you wouldn't think that eating something could have a positive effect on your oral health, but it's true. While eating food will often give you that build up of plaque that needs to be gently scrubbed away with a good brush and floss, there are certain foods that can help your oral health. Let's take a look see and find out some of the [...]

Why a post-Christmas dental check-up is a good idea

Ah, Christmas, it's that one time of the year when we have all overindulged while spending quality time with friends and family. It's now the New Year, and it's time to turn your attention away from indulgence to organising a dental check up with your Parramatta dentist at Dental Avenue. You may not realise it, but your teeth take a *battering* with all the lovely Christmas foods, treats, sweets [...]

The Hidden Dangers of Night Snacking

Night snacking is in many ways a kind of addiction. Although it gives pleasure momentarily - people who tend to night snack regularly could well be damaging their smile more than their waistline. Many of us are strict with our diets for the whole day only to spoil it by raiding the fridge after hours. Research suggests that feasting in the middle of the night can damage your teeth. It was conclude[...]

Sports Drinks Have Been Linked to Tooth Decay

How many sports drinks can you name off the top of your head? Over the past few years, these colourful electrolyte-laden beverages have become very popular. They’re associated with high profile sporting events and a lot of people now use them recreationally. For many of these consumers, sports drinks seem like a good thing. After all, their favourite sports personalities drink them, and these[...]