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The Hidden Dangers of Night Snacking

Night snacking is in many ways a kind of addiction. Although it gives pleasure momentarily - people who tend to night snack regularly could well be damaging their smile more than their waistline. Many of us are strict with our diets for the whole day only to spoil it by raiding the fridge after hours. Research suggests that feasting in the middle of the night can damage your teeth. It was conclude[...]

Sports Drinks Have Been Linked to Tooth Decay

How many sports drinks can you name off the top of your head? Over the past few years, these colourful electrolyte-laden beverages have become very popular. They’re associated with high profile sporting events and a lot of people now use them recreationally. For many of these consumers, sports drinks seem like a good thing. After all, their favourite sports personalities drink them, and these[...]

Focusing on Dental Health To Prevent Overweight

A new thesis suggests that focusing on dental health can help prevent children from becoming overweight.

Recent research at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden suggests that by guiding your children to follow good oral hygiene practices, you will be preventing them from becoming overweight in addition to protecting their teeth. Louise Arvidsson, [...]

Are You A Candidate for Sleep Dentistry?

Sleep dentistry is a process that comfortably and safely sedates a patient during a dental procedure. During this process, medication is used to help the patient relax.  The level of sedation would depend on the type of medicine and method being used. A patient’s age, level of anxiety, duration and complexity of the dental procedure are amongst some of the factors that decide the type of sedati[...]

Why You Need a Dentist That Is Always Investing In Technology

Have a little think about the people in your life who haven’t picked up technologies in their homes over the years. Perhaps people that only have a dusty old computer that sits in the corner that was only used for their word processing assignments at uni. They’ve got a smartphone now, but they are always seeming to have issues with it and asking for help. They don’t know how different tec[...]

The biggest dental revolutions of the last ten years

Life is moving fast, and so is the dental technological revolution. Earlier, new dental technologies took decades to become functional and widely adopted. The same techniques were being used for 20 years. However, this trend has changed due to the entry of corporate and insurance groups in the dental sector.
  • Digital impressions: The traditional impression taking metho[...]

At what age should you get that discoloured tooth fixed?

Healthy white smiles make a considerable impact during meetings in social circles. Discoloured teeth can lead to a decrease in confidence and self-esteem. So, one of the frequently asked questions is how young is too young for getting a discoloured tooth fixed?

A multitude of scientific literature proves that there are no upper or lower age restrictions for getting your discoloured toot[...]

What’s the best age to consider getting Invisalign at?

Thinking of straightening your teeth? Then consider Invisalign. Invisalign is one of the most effective components of cosmetic dentistry, using a series of plastic aligners to gradually move the teeth. These are specially crafted see-through removable aligners made specifically for you, arranged by our team in Parramatta. These aligners do the same job as performed by traditional metal braces [...]

Why the Dental industry is so excited about the Trios 3 Wireless

In today’s fast-moving world, everyone is influenced by technological innovations. Now, more than ever before, taking dental impressions have been made much more accessible and comfortable. Trios 3 wireless is one of the innovations that has impressed the dental arena to the core. Be it Dentists or their patients; everyone has been excited by the “Trios 3 Wireless”. Many of the clinicians ha[...]

The Denture Process Explained

A denture, as the name suggests, is basically a replacement for missing teeth and surrounding tissues. Dentures have become a part of everyday life - millions of people around the world are wearing dentures. These dentures offer plenty of benefits and help people live their life with confidence[...]