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Our top 5 tips for looking after your child’s dental health

As a parent, there are many things you hope you are doing right, or think you are doing right when it comes to your child’s dental health. Unfortunately, there are some common mistakes parents make, that they don’t even realise, sadly, can not only impact dental health, but it could also cause some overall health complications. Here are our Parramatta Dentist's top 5 tips: 1.Supervise brushi[...]

10 foods and drinks that make dentists wary

Tooth decay is one Australia’s most frequent health problem, as dental health reports claim that that only half of us brush our teeth twice a day. But bad oral health is not only linked to neglected oral hygiene but also to diets that are high in sugar. Dietetics practitioners and dental clinics Parramatta have found a secure connection between food and tooth decay. Hence brushing teeth twice a [...]

Some Extra Dental Tips for Parents

Healthy eating and good dental hygiene are the keys to a bright smile and a healthy set of teeth, so teach your children to take care of their teeth as early as possible. Brush their teeth for them the second they erupt, so that as they grow, the habit feels natural to them. Buy the right toothbrush As your kids get older, they’ll watch you brush and want to get in on the action. At this point[...]

Why we are so impacted by a smile

Did you know that you can suppress the urge to be sick through smiling? It releases hormones that can settle your stomach for a few minutes and give you time to get out of traffic, rush out of that meeting, or dash into that bathroom, allowing you to save face and avoid ruining your outfit. Similarly, while fake smiles don’t quite reach your eyes, they still trigger a hormonal response, so if yo[...]

Brushing Basics

Want the real facts on brushing? How you do it properly? How can you make sure you're doing a good job that is going to see your teeth through for the rest of your life? Today's blog post is about brushing basics. Now, most of us were taught in school the basics of brushing, but that's some time ago. Sure, you remember the general gist of things, but you might not recall every little detail. That[...]

Cosmetic dentistry services to consider for 2018

Your teeth are arguably the only part of your body that are as functional as they are aesthetic. While they help you eat –which keeps you alive – they also help you talk and give you a gorgeous smile, which can help you make friends, get a job, or find the man or woman of your dreams. So while medical, dental procedures are essential, cosmetic options matter too. Fortunately, cosmetic dentist[...]

Get your dental health back on track with these tips

When it comes to obtaining good dental health, or getting your dental health back on track, you need to look after your teeth. Your adult teeth are the only one you have! Dental diseases such as tooth decay and dental erosion are very common health problems in Australia – but they are mostly preventable. One of the most important factors in helping fight tooth decay has been the addition of flu[...]

Why dentists always talk about flossing

How do you brush your teeth? Most people just push the brush back and forth without much thought. The right way is to clean every surface of the tooth – the front that touches your lips and cheek, the back that touches your tongue, and the biting surface at the top. It's best to brush in a circular motion all over your teeth and gums to get a thorough clean. But even with this careful, comprehe[...]

The importance of fluoride

A lot of people assume that when they brush and floss after meals, they have good dental health. Removing physical debris from your teeth is important, but, there is a mineral component needed for good dental health. Fluoride is important for the ongoing maintenance or good health of your mouth. While fluoride has been a controversial subject in the past, this mineral is a vital addition to your d[...]

Dr. Steven Lin debunks myths about dental health

Given the amount of knowledge we have about our teeth, and the fact that GIYF (Google Is Your Friend), it’s surprising how many misconceptions we still have about teeth. Dr. Steven Lin, author of The Dental Diet, visited the set of KTLA 5 Morning News to tackle some of our wrong assumptions. 1. Kids must have braces to grow up with good teethDr. Lin, who is based in Sydney, believes nutrition h[...]