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Dentist Journal

Can You Fight Teeth Genes?

Mum has dentures and dad is now missing all his chompers? What sort of a dental future am I headed towards!?

When I look in the mirror I see nice pearly whites, perhaps a little stained from coffee – they could use a whitening, and a filling or two, but generally they’re in good nick. But when I look at my parents however…

I’ve heard them complain about everything over the years, from falling out bridges to loose teeth, and getting dental implants, so it is a little scary to think that this sort of future might be in my genes.

That being said, I have had great dental care across the years. I’ve been for fairly regular check ups, had braces, do brush with fluoride toothpaste and floss (mostly) and don’t eat too much sugar. Whereas my parents grew up in a different time where perhaps not as much emphasis was placed on dental care. This has got me wondering whether I’ll be in better stead than my parents when I start getting a little bit older.

So, concerning “fighting teeth genes” I can deduce that I have had better dental care than my parents over the years. This is obviously going to bode well for the future if I continue keeping on top of it. I haven’t had a filling in years, and I certainly don’t have any wobbly teeth.

Another thing that my parents instilled in me from a young age was getting enough calcium in my diet. Now I know that getting enough calcium gives you healthy teeth and bones. I think they were particularly careful about this one since osteoporosis runs in the family, and being female I’m more at risk. Because I take my calcium intake seriously, this means that I’m less likely to have dental issues which is good news – hopefully, I won’t have those missing teeth like dad does in the future.

Can You Fight Teeth Genes

So can you fight dental genes? I would say yes, as long as you are taking good care of your oral health over the years. While you can’t fight crooked teeth genes, you can rectify this sort of thing by getting braces. I think that the key to having good teeth in the future is making sure to go for regular dental check ups to ensure that you’re always staying on top of things.

Dental Avenue dental clinic in Parramatta is a good place to go for your regular dental check ups if you live in the Parramatta area. The clinic is nice and welcoming, the staff are friendly, and you’ll be able to get a thorough assessment of the state of your teeth. Want to book an appointment? Time to pick up the phone.

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