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Dentist Journal

How our teeth colour restoration technique works

When patients think about improving their pearly whites, that’s generally what comes to mind. They want their teeth to be shiny and white, making their smiles appear as healthy as possible.

As our dentists in Parramatta can tell you, not all whites are equal. Think about that bridal reality show you’ll never admit to watching. In that one showroom, there are hundreds of ‘versions’ of white, and they all have strange names like ivory, champagne, candlelight and even off-white!

The same concept applies to your teeth. Of course, there are teeth that are distinctly brown, in some cases because of medication that were taken as a child. These teeth need a more comprehensive form of whitening, such as our Parramatta clinic’s Opalescence Boost procedure.

Most healthy teeth aren’t as badly off though. Usually, your smile is fine except for that one tooth. You may have chipped it when you fell or developed some imperfection during your teenage years. It might be marred by a previous veneer that scraped off, or you might have an unusual ‘tooth birthmark’ that makes you self-conscious when you smile.

Maybe you want to change the shape of your tooth. While braces can improve the alignment of your whole dental formula, your issue might be with a single tooth that just sits wrong. It might have grown at a strange angle and now looks like half a tooth. You probably just want your smile to look a little more natural.

If this is something you’re interested in and you’re looking for a good dental clinic, Parramatta is your best bet. Our Dental Avenue practice offers individual and multiple restorations that will bring the sparkle back to your smile.

How Our Teeth Colour RestorationTechnique Works

Instead of applying a colour that’s generically white, we will look at the rest of your teeth. We might suggest a good general cleaning first to effectively show their true colour since brushing and flossing aren’t always enough.

Once we identify the tone of your virgin teeth, we will look through our snowy palette. We can assure you that the range rivals any bridal shop. To your regular eye, it may look like fifty shades of white, but the slightest variation in hue will make that one tooth stand out even more than it does right now.

The shade of your teeth is influenced by many factors including where you grew up, what your parents’ teeth looked like, and how much tea you drink. We will use our colour chart to find a hue that exactly matches your teeth, and then we will create a veneer in that exact shade. We will then fill your imperfect tooth with a beautiful new one, giving your smile a new lease of life.

If you’d like to get rid of your mix-and-match teeth palette, give us a call on 02 80040055 so we can book your appointment and have a little chat about our tooth restoration services.

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