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Dentist Journal

How to Tell Your Partner They Have Bad Breath

Picture this. A romantic setting, just you and your partner, the lights dimmed, that look in both your eyes, you go in for the kiss and then… their breath kind of turns you off to be honest. Do you find yourself in this situation often? Do you find yourself wondering just how you can tell them without offending them? Have you been trying to deal with covering up your distaste for too long? Well, here we take you through some ways in which you can subtly influence your partner to change up their dental hygiene habits.

A person generally will not know if they have bad breath. That’s why it can be important to point it out. You wouldn’t want to have bad breath all the time and not know it, would you? Bad breath, or halitosis, can also indicate an underlying dental health issue, so it’s important that your partner finds out.

Try out these tricks to get your partner to start putting their oral health in order.

A date to… the dentist?

Looking for your next date idea? Make it a trip to the dentist! Although it might seem silly, many partners go to the dentist at the same time. You can even make it as a part of a whole “self-improvement day date” for the both of you. This could be combined with other activities such as a massage, healthy meal out, session at the gym, etc. If your partner has an underlying oral health issue, the dentist will be able to point it out to your partner.

Practice diligent oral health in front of your partner

Changing your partner’s oral health habits can start with changing your own! You can brush and floss religiously at the same time, morning and night, use mouthwash, and even chew on gum or breath mints throughout the day. Make sure your partner sees you doing these things and offer them a mint, or say “Want to come brush your teeth too?” around them.

How to Tell Your Partner They Have Bad Breath

Bad breath can also be indicative of an eating disorder. If you feel like this may be a reason for their bad breath then you should be careful in the way that you approach them about it. For many with an eating disorder, this is a very sensitive part of their life.

Planning your double dentist date? Call up Dental Avenue Parramatta and book in for your most romantic date ever – ha! Our dental clinic in Parramatta is perfect for general check-ups, cleans and a range of other speciality dental services. You owe it to your partner to help them sort out their bad breath – without running the risk of offending them too much.

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