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Dentist Journal

10 foods and drinks that make dentists wary

Tooth decay is one Australia’s most frequent health problem, as dental health reports claim that that only half of us brush our teeth twice a day. But bad oral health is not only linked to neglected oral hygiene but also to diets that are high in sugar. Dietetics practitioners and dental clinics Parramatta have found a secure connection between food and tooth decay. Hence brushing teeth twice a day might not help erode plaque if the patient consumes sugary foods and drinks on a regular basis. Read on to learn about the most damaging foods and drinks to avoid to prevent the decay of your pearly whites.

Potato chips

Crunchy potato chips are a great savoury snack, except that some of the starchy leftover particles might get trapped between your teeth leading to plaque build-up. Our Parramatta dentists recommend flossing your teeth thoroughly afterwards.


If you enjoy eating ice cubes of a chilled drink, don’t. Chewing on hard substances will damage enamel, and you might even end up with broken or cracked teeth. To resist the urge, break the habit and go for chilled drinks without ice.

Dried fruit

While eating lots of fresh fruit is very healthy for your daily vitamin intake, the same doesn’t apply to dried fruit as it becomes sticky once the moisture is removed. The concentrated sugar will stay on your teeth if not brushed away and flossed carefully.


While plain popcorn is not bad for you, the one coated with sugar is. Some of the sweet snack will inevitably get stuck between your teeth, so make sure you floss your teeth thoroughly after. Be careful of those un-popped kernels too, as they can cause cracks in teeth.

Sports drinks

Sports drinks are highly acidic and contain a fair amount of sugar. Acid breaks down enamel and damages your teeth severely, especially when drinking over a more extended period while doing exercise, as you are less likely to brush your teeth straight away.

Muesli bars

Muesli bars are supposed to be a healthy snack. Nevertheless, some are usually held together with sticky sugar. If you don’t get the chance to brush your teeth straight away, your teeth are exposed to sugar and acid, which will cause tooth decay.


Alcohol in general causes dehydration in the mouth, hence the saliva will not be able to protect against tooth decay. Even though wine is said to be good for the heart, white wine, in particular, contains acids, which causes dental plaque and cavities.

Low-fat yoghurts

Eating dairy products is good for your overall health, but to make low-fat products tasty, lots of sugar is often added. We suggest eating natural yoghurt with fresh fruit to enhance sweetness.

If you want to get more information about what you should and shouldn’t consume, or to have your teeth checked by a dentist call Parramatta Dental Avenue and speak to one of our friendly team members on 800 400 55!

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