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Dentist Journal

Early signs your wisdom teeth are coming through

There are benefits to having your wisdom teeth – also known as adults third molars growing in. It is generally after the age of 18 that wisdom teeth start to grow in, and, if they are in the right place they can make chewing easier – or – they can even take the place of a missing molar. If you are in need of a *dental bridge* having wisdom teeth can provide the support needed to make the procedure more straightforward.

For many, wisdom teeth growing in is never simple. If those third molars are NOT in the right position to erupt properly, they can end up only partially erupting, leaving a space for bacteria to grow, which can lead to an infection. Wisdom teeth can also become impacted under the gum which can lead to a range of oral health issues.

While being able to identify the early signs of impacted wisdom teeth IS important, being able to tell what the normal signs of wisdom teeth growing in are just as important.

  • If there is any swelling at the back of your mouth on one or both sides, along with some discomfort, it’s a key sign your wisdom teeth are growing in. If your teeth are at this stage, it’s a good idea to call your dentist in Parramatta to see if they are going to be in a healthy position. If you are experiencing any soreness or pain in your mouth visit your dentist, your wisdom teeth may have become impacted and need to be readied for extraction as soon as possible.
  • Sometimes the signs of impacted wisdom teeth can be a lot subtler, as wisdom teeth are trapped under the gum, the resulting tension and pressure building up in the jaw can cause headaches. If you already suffer from headaches, it’s best to continue seeing your dentist in Parramatta for regular check-ups. Impacted wisdom teeth can be detected with X-rays, your dentist can then decide on the best course of action.
  • When wisdom teeth erupt, they can provide a place for bacteria to grow. If wisdom teeth are in the wrong position and have only poked partway through the gums, it leaves an opening that allows food to be trapped there. It’s a lot harder to remove food that is caught in the opening because of how tightly the teeth can be wedged together. The infection caused by this is called pericoronitis and is a major sign that the tooth needs to be removed quickly.

If you have any concerns about your wisdom teeth or would like to have a chat about your teeth don’t hesitate to call us on 1300315540 and one of our great dentists at Parramatta Dental Avenue can help you get right on track!

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