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Dentist Journal

Is Periodontitis curable?

Some people have gotten so used to their bleeding gums that they don’t give it a second thought. When they see stained fruit, tinted sandwiches, or tinged saliva in the sink, they shrug, take another bite, or keep brushing their teeth. But if you’d take a moment to visit our dental clinic, Parramatta dental experts will tell you there’s an easy way out.

Periodontitis is one of the two forms of gum disease. Both conditions start with sore, swollen gums which can get aggravated and progress. The first stage of the infection is gingivitis. Your gums hurt, and they bleed when you brush your teeth. If you don’t get this resolved, then it evolves into periodontal disease.

This disease has stages too, and it gets progressively worse until your gums can no longer support your teeth and they begin to get loose. Eventually, they could fall out altogether, because you’ve lost bone mass at the section of your jaw that holds your teeth in place. Unfortunately, there’s no cure for periodontal disease.

This doesn’t mean you’re fated to a future with no teeth. When it comes to matters dental, our dental clinic in Parramatta has a team of experts that are willing and ready to help. Because gum disease develops so slowly, our dentists can pace your problem and help you manage it effectively.

Every day, a layer of plaque forms on your teeth. A lot of this bacteria is harmful to your teeth and gums, and you need to brush them off and get in between the teeth. Brush your teeth carefully using interdental brushes. Flossing also helps to remove the plaque that can cause your gums to swell and bleed.

If you’re a smoker, the surface of your teeth is stickier, which increases plaque because bacteria (and stains) adhere better to your teeth and stay in place longer. Smoking also reduces your blood oxygen levels, which then slows down your healing process. This makes it harder to recover from your periodontitis.

Gum disease isn’t generally painful. It can be, but it can also be just sore and bloody. However, if you don’t catch it early, your swollen gums can develop into abscesses that produce pus. If you’re unsure about the health of your gums, visit your dentist. They will test the cuff by placing an instrument between your gum and the base of your tooth.

This shows how loose your gum is, because it’s that gap that allows plaque to slip in and form tartar, aggravating the cycle. Your dentist might also need some x-rays to see how bad the damage is. The dentist will then remove all the plaque and tartar, and show you how to continue the treatment at home so that it doesn’t accumulate as quickly as it did before. If things are really bad, your dentist will numb your teeth and do a ‘root planing’ to remove all the bacteria from your gum pockets.

For a workable solution to your bleeding gums, call Dental Avenue Parramatta today on 02 80040055.

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