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Dentist Journal

Some Foods That Are Surprisingly Beneficial for Your Oral Health

When you think about keeping your teeth in tip-top condition, you wouldn’t think that eating something could have a positive effect on your oral health, but it’s true. While eating food will often give you that build up of plaque that needs to be gently scrubbed away with a good brush and floss, there are certain foods that can help your oral health. Let’s take a look see and find out some of the best.


This might not come as a surprise, given some of the advertising surrounding gum. Sugar-free gum is quite a good way to give your teeth a bit of a clean if you don’t have a toothbrush handy. Gum will help dislodge any nasties in your teeth that are a hangover from the meal that you just ate. It’ll also freshen up your breath – just remember it’s better to brush and floss, rather than chewing gum all the time.


Crunch, crunch, it’s the sound of celery! This fibrous veggie is excellent for giving the teeth a quick scrub, with the texture of the veggie when you crunch into it giving the effect of scrubbing your teeth clean, removing excess plaque. It’s also practically calorie-free, so feel free to munch on it whenever you feel like it.


Dairy is the best source of naturally occurring calcium that you can get, so it suffices to say that cheese is packed full of it. What’s great about that? Calcium is key to strong, healthy teeth, as well as bones, too. Other calcium-packed foods include yoghurt and milk. Try not to go overboard on the dairy, as it does contain a lot of fat.


We want to be able to get the most out of that calcium, so how do we do that? By consuming more vitamin D. The best source of vitamin D is getting some of that sweet, sweet, sunshine, however that isn’t always possible, in which case we will need to get some more into our bodies by eating something packed with vitamin D. You can find a naturally occurring source in the yolks of eggs, so pop a breakfast egg into your diet to get the most from your calcium.


The combination of calcium + protein makes nuts a great little snack without having to add more meat to your diet. Choose the healthier option and chow down on a handful of almonds for a mid-afternoon boost.

Learn more about oral health by checking in with us at Dental Clinic in Parramatta. We can clean and polish your teeth, checking for any issues. Regular check-ups help to keep your oral health in the best shape possible.

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