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Dentist Journal

Cosmetic dentistry services to consider

Your teeth are arguably the only part of your body that are as functional as they are aesthetic. While they help you eat –which keeps you alive – they also help you talk and give you a gorgeous smile, which can help you make friends, get a job, or find the man or woman of your dreams. So while medical, dental procedures are essential, cosmetic options matter too.

Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry has come a long way, and if you’re looking for suitable dental clinics Parramatta is home to one of our Dental Avenue locations. We offer the latest technology in veneers, implants, whitening, and tooth-coloured restoration. If you visit us, we can advise you on which option will best brighten your teeth in 2018.


Getting whiter teeth is one of the most popular forms of cosmetic dentistry. A lot of people try to achieve this themselves, using over-the-counter remedies and faddish products like activated charcoal toothpaste. However, if you want safe, lasting results, it’s best to talk a professional.

Our three-step whitening process is safe and non-invasive and can get rid of stains from wine, caffeine, nicotine, and natural ageing. Our system does not harm your teeth; though some patients do feel a little sensitivity for a day or two after treatment but this rarely happens.

Tooth-colour restoration

Teeth, like skin, have different hues and tones. This means whitening your tooth beyond your natural colour may not be everyone’s best option. In many cases, it’s best to select a shade that matches your natural one. We might begin with a professional tooth cleaning to remove general staining and reveal the true tone of all your teeth.

Tooth-coloured restorations work best if you’re correcting the damage on one or two individual teeth. It can help cover up specific imperfections, or it can fix a chipped or cracked tooth. We use ‘white fillings’ to cover up the marred section, and we will match the filling to the natural colour of your teeth.

Dental implants

As patients get older, they sometimes require dentures to help them talk and eat once they’ve lost a large proportion of their teeth. Younger people may need them too if they’ve experienced significant tooth loss. However, dentures can be inconvenient.

This is where dental implants come in. They can be used to replace individual teeth and are more permanent, because they are inserted right into the gap of the missing tooth, supported by a hypo-allergenic titanium root. It can bite, brush, and floss just like a regular tooth, and looks realistic and natural in your mouth.


A permanent route to the perfect smile is to install a set of veneers. Their main advantage over whitening and tooth-coloured restoration are that once they’re fitted, they don’t re-stain. Of course, this doesn’t negate the need to brush and floss!

Veneers are made of porcelain usually, and sometimes can be made of a composite filling material, and are quite popular with celebrities. They’re customised for your mouth size and dental formula, and they repair gaps, stains, natural wear-and-tear, or uneven gum lines.

For the latest cosmetic dentistry options and warm, friendly service, call Dental Avenue Parramatta today on 02 8004 0055.

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