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Dentist Journal

The importance of fluoride

A lot of people assume that when they brush and floss after meals, they have good dental health. Removing physical debris from your teeth is important, but, there is a mineral component needed for good dental health. Fluoride is important for the ongoing maintenance or good health of your mouth. While fluoride has been a controversial subject in the past, this mineral is a vital addition to your daily dental routine and the battle against tooth decay.

The use of fluoride in both toothpastes and water has been tested, time and time again, and has been widely accepted as beneficial to humans – in acceptable quantities.

It is common knowledge that the lack of brushing and flossing can lead to cavities and tooth decay. Saliva is the mouths natural defence against tooth decay, but it loses the battle if left to fight on its own.

Fluoride has been a source of controversy for many years, but it is still an important part of strengthening tooth enamel. Teeth can’t grow back, or recover from the damage done by what we eat and drink. Enamel is the hardest substance in the body and is the substance that protects teeth from damage.

Unfortunately, enamel can chip and break which leaves the dentin layer of teeth exposed. Many cities around the world add fluoride to the drinking water to promote dental health, with levels high enough to provide cavity protection, without leaving that brown stain on the teeth from over consumption.

Recently many governments lowered the standard amount of fluoride in tap water. This is not due to a *fear* of over-use, simply a case of improvements in dental care and fluoride toothpastes on the market. With so many toothpastes containing fluoride, the need to have as much fluoride in the water has decreased.

There are many serious diseases of the body that can be caused by tooth decay, an abscess can spread to the gums and jaw leading to tooth loss. Any infection in the mouth can spread throughout the body. Cavities are considered as infections, so good dental upkeep, regular visits with your dentist in Paramatta and the use of fluoride toothpaste helps to prevent serious health issues.

Fluoride is important for the wellbeing, health and longevity of our teeth, if you have any concerns about fluoride talk to your dentist. Fluoride is important, in both water and in toothpaste, just remember you still need to have regular check-ups with your dentist to ensure everything is going okay when it comes to your oral health and wellbeing.

To make sure your teeth are in tip top condition, call us on 800 400 55 and come in and see one of our great dentists in Parramatta. Everyone here is more than happy to provide you with all the information you need!

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