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Dentist Journal

Our top 5 tips for looking after your child’s dental health

As a parent, there are many things you hope you are doing right, or think you are doing right when it comes to your child’s dental health. Unfortunately, there are some common mistakes parents make, that they don’t even realise, sadly, can not only impact dental health, but it could also cause some overall health complications.

Here are our Parramatta Dentist’s top 5 tips:

1.Supervise brushing –It’s great if you are making brushing fun for your child, but the most import part is to watch them. You need to take time and watch HOW they clean their teeth, are they cleaning those back teeth properly? Children will skip flossing and brushing their teeth properly – especially the back ones – when parents aren’t watching.

2.A cavity is STILL a big deal – a lot of parents don’t seem concerned if a child gets a cavity in a baby tooth – they are going to fall out anyway – that’s not the case. Baby teeth help a child’s jaw develop the way it should, and a baby tooth is really a *place holder* for the permanent tooth. If a baby tooth is removed too early because a cavity has grown too large, it can cause the adult/permanent tooth to erupt in the wrong direction. If a cavity is ignored an infection can occur.

3.Get them to a dentist before their first birthday – in babies between the ages of 6 to 12 months is usually when the first tooth arrives, but, if it hasn’t arrived by the time the baby turns one, it’s a good idea for a dentist to have a look. It’s usually not a problem but taking a professional’s opinion can give you that added peace of mind.

4.Never allow children to fall asleep with a milk or juice bottle – if your child falls asleep with a drink sitting on their teeth, even milk or juice, it can create cavities. If your baby or toddler needs to fall asleep with a *drink* out of habit/security, give them a bottle filled with tap water instead.

5.It’s not just lollies or sweets that cause cavities – when it comes to food and drink, parents seem to think if it’s not a lolly, a piece of cake, a flavoured milk drink, soft drink or chocolate it’s okay. You would be surprised to know that fruit juices, dried fruits, starchy foods and even salty crackers can cause cavities.

Book in today with one of our dentists in our dental clinic Parramatta and they can have a chat with you on what your child needs and how to maintain a healthy mouth! Call us on 8004 0055 and one of our friendly team members will be more than happy to assist you!

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