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Dentist Journal

Winter Foods To Avoid For Optimal Dental Health

Winter is often the time to explore decadent, tasty foods, but it can also present a host of potential issues for your teeth.

One of the main dental complaints patients come to us with is painful sensitivity – where rapid temperature changes brought on by the sip of a hot or chilled drink can send stabbing pains through the teeth.

Sensitive teeth tend to flare up in winter, but can be easily managed by exploring fluoride treatments to reinforce your enamel and overall tooth structure, using toothpaste designed for sensitive gums, being gentle as you brush and always using a soft toothbrush.

But what about some of the other challenges you need to be mindful of come wintertime?

Buckets of hot beverages

Nothing’s better than sipping on a delicious mulled wine, hot tea, foamy cappuccino or creamy hot chocolate to chase away the chill from the inside out.

However, increasing your daily or even weekly intake of hot beverages can wreak havoc on your pearly whites.

Deep pigments and tannins found in some of our favourite winter drinks actually cling to the tooth enamel, leaving otherwise naturally white teeth dull and yellowish.

If you can’t possibly curb your drink intake, then consider rinsing out your mouth or carrying a travel toothbrush to give your teeth a good cleanse.

Sticky foods

Toffees, caramels, and glazed pastries are delicious treats that almost go hand-in-hand with the cooler months.

However, sticky foods can become nothing but trouble for teeth.

Sticky treats can ensnare fillings, tooth caps, loose teeth and even break orthodontic structures; not to mention, this food stuff often gets trapped in the hard to reach areas between teeth and encourages cavities.

If you can’t keep away from your peanut brittle, make sure to take your time chewing and give your teeth a thorough clean afterwards.

High-sugar treats

It’s no secret that our taste buds crave extra calories during the cooler months, but over exposure to sugar-laden hot chocolates, baked goods and sweets can expose your teeth to a harmful, acidic environment that encourages plaque build-up.

Plaque builds up on the teeth all the time, but its growth is slow and manageable when you have a balanced diet and follow a regular dental regime.

Consuming sugar multiple times a day can allow plaque to build up quickly and encourage gingivitis and cavities. Frequency is just as important as amounts, and sometimes more so.

Winter Foods to Avoid For Optimal Dental Health

Piping hot foods

From chips and burgers to pizza and dim sums, a tasty hot treat is irresistible this time of year.

One of the most common oral injuries we see is caused by hot foods burning tongues, gums, and inner-cheeks.

Slight burns can leave your mouth tender for several days, but serious burns can blister and lead to secondary infections – so be extra careful about letting your food cool before taking a bite.

If you would like any more information on keeping you and your family’s smiles bright this winter, why not call our team at Dental Avenue dental clinic in Parramatta on 02 8004 0055.

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