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Dentist Journal

National Dental Foundation 2017 Volunteer Day

Dental Avenue Parramatta is a proud participant in the National Dental Foundation. One day a year we volunteer our services and provide basic dental care to those that are less privileged and in need.

Dental services are not government subsidised, unlike the public healthcare system in Australia, which means that unless you have private health insurance or some cash in your pocket, you might not be able to access regular dental services.

The National Dental Foundation

The National Dental Foundation (NDF) is a charity that helps connect people that need dental treatment and cannot access these services with dentists that provide their work pro-bono. The NDF seeks to engage professional dentists, dental assistants, and dental hygienists to help out among those who need it most.

Working through charities to identify those most at risk, the NDF will then refer people to clinics or dentists that have volunteered their time.

National Dental Foundation 2017 Volunteer Day

Referring people to the program

Charities can get involved with the volunteer days by referring people to the National Dental foundation. Reading this letter from the NDF explains all about the program, and what the terms should be for people that should be referred. This includes terms such as arranging appointments and documentation for clients, in some cases having representatives attend with the patient, as well as how to prioritise people on a case by case basis. You can also browse through the list of services offered under the program such as fillings, extractions, further treatment planning and check-ups in the same document.

Our involvement at Dental Avenue Parramatta

Rather than do things as individual dentists, at Dental Avenue Parramatta we made the decision to volunteer our whole clinic for the day every year. We believe that this provides the most comprehensive approach for patients to obtain the most out of our services.

It’s a very busy day for us, as you can well imagine, which means that often our team will be augmented with volunteers who have signed up through the National Dental Foundation to help out on the day. We really appreciate the help of these volunteers ensuring everything goes smoothly and the patients get the best results possible.

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