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Dentist Journal

Tricks for Parents to use in making oral health fun

It seems that sometimes kids will refuse to do anything that you want them to do! It’s just children testing how far they can go without having to do something. When it comes to oral health, giving in and letting them not attend to it is not an option – or you’ll be left with huge dental bills down the track!

So, how do you make teeth time fun for them? How do we convince them to brush and floss morning and night? Well, here’s a few tips that could make your life a little bit easier…

Star charts

Star charts aren’t just a thing of the past, and they aren’t just for weekly chores! Draw up a grid with daily tasks down one side, and morning and night of each day of the week on the other. Once they’ve completed each task, stick a sticker in the box (choose your sticker sheet together – make it something that they like, like the Wiggles). Once they get to the end of the week, and there are enough stickers in boxes, you can give them a treat!

Doing your dental routine together

Why doesn’t Mummy have to do it?? If you are doing your dental routine together, it makes it a lot more fun than simply doing it on their own. Even if you’re not due for your nightly brushing and flossing, go through the motions together. You can always do it again later after your late-night glass of wine! Kids love copying the things that adults do, so if you look like you’re having a really fun time doing it, then chances are that they will too.

Make up a song

Does your child have a favourite Disney movie that they like? A favourite song from Frozen? A good tip into making oral health fun is to make up your own words to a song – with brushing and flossing teeth as a focus. If they don’t like you changing the words of the song, then you might have to come up with one yourself. It doesn’t take a composer to think of a catchy tune.

Tricks for Parents to use in making oral health fun

Have a fun activity to do afterwards – don’t have it as the last thing they do at night

Last on our list is making sure that brushing their teeth isn’t the last thing they do before bed. If they have something to look forward to, like reading a book or watching an episode of their favourite show, then they will be much more likely to want to get their oral health out of the way before moving on to a more fun activity

If your child needs a dental check up, or more advice on making oral health fun, then head to Dental Avenue dentist in Parramatta for all your kid’s needs.

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