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Dentist Journal

Some Healthy Alternatives for Your Kids Teeth This Easter Break

We all know one thing about Easter: it’s choc full of chocolate. And what is chocolate full of? Sugar!

Sugar is enemy number one when it comes to children’s teeth. An excess of sugar can cause cavities, especially in little ones’ teeth as they are still developing. How do we stop the rot over Easter? By swapping out sugar-laden treats for some healthier alternatives, and making sure that our kids are following their brushing schedules to an absolute.

Here are some ideas that are alternatives to the choccie fest that can swamp us over Easter:

Sugar-free lollies

There is a large range of sugar-free lollies now available everywhere from speciality stores to the local supermarket. These lollies are flavoured with sweeteners other than sugar, so they still taste sweet, but don’t have the same effect as regular sugar. Pick up a few packets for some sugar-free sweets over the Easter holidays.

Make your own sugar free chocolate

Chocolate doesn’t actually have to be full of sugar. Stevia is a natural alternative to sugar that can be added to most recipes as a substitute. You may even find some Stevia sweetened Easter eggs in your local health food shop already. If not, you can make your own Stevia sweetened chocolate at home. A recipe will generally call for cocoa, Stevia, and coconut oil. You can then whip out this recipe whenever you would like to make your own sugar free chocolate – at any time of the year!

Control portions and get your children to brush after they’ve eaten sweets

Over indulging on anything is rarely a good idea! Try and control the amount of sweets they eat and make sure they don’t consume tooth much. The more they consume, the more sugar is available in their mouths that can wreak havoc on their teeth and gums! If they do have some sneaky chocolate bites, make sure they brush their teeth afterwards so that the sugar doesn’t linger in their mouths, or if you’re not at home have them rinse their mouths with water.

Some Healthy Alternatives for Your Kids Teeth This Easter Break

A final note

It is Easter, after all, so you should let your kids have an Easter egg or two – just don’t go overboard on the chocolate train. A small amount of chocolate, with other sugar-free choices, will ensure that their Easter is just as treat filled as other kids, just not as sugar filled, which should keep those nasty cavities at bay.

Bring your kids for a check-up at Dental Avenue, dental clinic Parramatta after Easter to check that their dental health is on track. We can help advise if you need to pay particular care to your kid’s teeth, or if you both are doing fabulously already. Make sure to keep your kids dental health in tip top health with us!

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