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Dentist Journal

How Tooth Colour Restorations Work

From the time we are old enough to hold a toothbrush, good dental hygiene is drilled into us!

Brushing morning and night! Flossing and rinsing with a good mouthwash will help keep your teeth in check and give you the best chance to keep that smile glowing and perfect.

We all know that not taking care of our dental health can lead to tooth decay, cavities, gum disease and a host of other unpleasant issues. Even if you’re consistent with your dental routine, life can happen and leave its mark on your smile.

If you need that large extra strong latté to get you through the work day and then enjoy winding down with red wine on a Friday evening, stains can appear on your teeth over time.

If you have given up smoking – congratulations! But you may be left with the staining that nicotine can cause and even certain antibiotics can create dullness and stains.

Tooth colour restorations can help mask those stains, even when they are only on a few of your teeth and can even hide those fillings that just don’t quite match the rest of your smile.

If you have ever chipped a tooth or even found that your teeth have grown in slightly different shapes, the experts at Parramatta Dental Avenue can assist you with the best options to give you that perfect even smile.

So how does tooth restoration work?

After a thorough check up and cleaning, your concerns will be discussed in detail with your dentist at the Parramatta dental clinic.

The various options will be discussed to make sure you are comfortable with the procedure and pricing to correct your concerns. Your dentist will assess if tooth colour restoration is right for you and what the end result will be.

Using state of the art technology, a resin can be placed over light stains, filling in gaps and be customised to your specific tooth shape. The tooth restoration shade will be carefully matched to your existing teeth to make sure the restored teeth will blend in seamlessly with your natural smile.

Your dentist will discuss how to care for your new teeth surfaces and make sure you get the maximum longevity of your resin fillings. Continuing the relationship with your dentist in Parramatta will not only make you feel more comfortable but Dental Avenue will also have your entire dental history at hand to make sure your specialist can personalise future care.

After the procedure is complete, a review will be completed to make sure you are 100% happy with your new smile and you no longer need to feel self-conscious about your teeth.

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