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Dentist Journal

Why You Can’t Afford to Wait to Get Your Discoloured Tooth Fixed

The average person speaks 1,600 words a day. They smile over 6,205 a times a year and will even take over 25,000 photos in their lifetime!

So if you aren’t confident with your smile because of tooth discolouration, just think of how many moments you’re missing out on because you’re trying to avoid showing your teeth. Now think of how many times you have postponed that visit to the dentist to correct that tooth until “next time”.

When you have put up with a visible imperfection as obvious as tooth discolouration for such a long time, it can seem like a problem that is out of your control. You know people are naturally drawn to notice your smile when they meet you, so you feel self-conscious and without even realising it, you may start covering your mouth when you laugh, looking down when you speak. You may even subconsciously adjust your speech to avoid showing your teeth as much as possible. You also probably find reasons to avoid the dentist.

People often wait for milestones like birthdays, holidays or weddings to correct an uneven smile. We make an extra effort to look our best at these big events because we know there will be a camera around to capture those special moments but now we all own smartphones, so even catching up with friends for dinner or enjoying a fun family day out are all opportunities to be photographed everyday.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to post those moments on your social media page without wishing you hadn’t put off that dentist appointment?

Being able to look back on those photos and share them with loved ones without feeling embarrassed is priceless.

How many more memories will you shy away from because you’re worried about your teeth looking uneven or dark?

Booking a consultation at Dental Avenue Parramatta is one of the most important memories you will make. With state of the art technology, these Parramatta dentists specialise in tooth coloured restoration options that will help create your perfect smile.

Parramatta Dental Avenue specialise in simple procedures that can create an even smile, change the shape of your teeth and can even mask imperfections with techniques that will colour match and blend seamlessly with the rest of your smile.

Daily life is full of reasons to smile and if you’re missing out on them because of a discoloured tooth, is it really worth feeling anxious every day about something that has such a simple solution?

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