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Dentist Journal

Eight reasons why the dentist should be your new best friend

Many people cringe at the thought of going to the dentist just for their biannual check-up, let alone the number of people who ignore painful symptoms, but that shouldn’t have to be the case!

Our team of dentists in Parramatta understand first-hand how important regular check-ups are to you and your family’s health. A simple check-up can mean the difference between a thorough, inexpensive clean and a major procedure costing thousands of dollars.

You learn how to clean your teeth better

Sometimes, even the most diligent person can pick up poor cleaning habits. Over-brushing, taking shortcuts and poor brush manipulation can lead to long term issues such as gum erosion and even cavities. Your dentist can help teach you and your loved ones how best to clean teeth

Tricky areas can be thoroughly cleansed

Occasionally, patients find that there are tricky spots that make thorough brushing and flossing nearly impossible to do. This is where we can use powerful, yet gentle, surgical-grade instruments to chip away any tartar build-up and cleanse the gums – this means fewer embarrassing moments for you!

Small issues can be fixed before they become bigger, and more expensive, issues

While no-one likes the news they have a cavity, treating a small cavity is far better than managing a costly and largely intrusive root canal or worse – having the decaying tooth removed entirely

Goodbye unsightly stained teeth!

Instead of forking out hundreds of dollars on unprofessional and potentially dangerous at-home or shopping centre teeth whitening systems, your regular dental appointment can help remove and prevent unsightly surface stains – naturally. Of course, we also provide options to help you temporarily brighten your smile for special occasions

Eight reasons why the dentist should be your new best friend

We notice subtle, yet important, changes in your health

Did you know that heart disease and gum disease are closely linked? While the root cause is yet to be determined, researchers agree that gum disease is an important risk factor for diseases of the blood vessels and arteries that supply the brain. This means that that a check-up can have a greater impact on your quality of life than just your smile!

We can monitor the maturation of your child’s teeth

Early monitoring and intervention in your child’s teeth can mean the difference between your loved one getting braces or not. Sometimes, the short-term use of an orthodontic plate in childhood can provide enough correction for an even smile without braces.

Long-term savings

Preventative oral health offers the best budget savings and possible results for patients. It’s no secret, taking the time to establish a regular check-up routine with your dentist means that you can avoid costly and intrusive procedures to save, replace or remove rotting teeth

Your teeth can last longer

Patients that pay greater attention to the health of their teeth may stave off the need for delicate dentures and possibly costly implants in later years!

If you would like more information on how you can start a manageable and healthy dental routine, please contact our dental clinic Parramatta and speak to one of our friendly team members today!

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