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Dentist Journal

Top Excuses to Miss Your Dental Appointment

Why missing your dental appointments is a bad idea

Despite the popular use of the “I have a dental appointment” excuse many people use to duck out of work early, for many Aussies, looking after their dental health is sadly not a priority.

Despite the illusion of time and money savings, missing a check-up is never a good idea – so we looked at the top excuses and debunked them.

I have no time!

A hectic schedule that juggles work, family and social commitments is not unusual in this day and age; but like most things, prioritising activities makes them easier to manage.

Regular dental check-ups are bi-annual and rarely longer than 30-minutes, so finding a clinic with flexible hours, booking the dates in advance and slotting these into your calendar will make it easier to keep your appointments.

It’s too expensive!

Your regular check-ups are the first line of defence when it comes to preventative intervention. During a dental check-up your dentist will assess the health and cleanliness of your teeth, provide a deep clean, and if needed, provide tips.

In many cases, avoiding the dentist leads to expensive and sometimes uncomfortable surgery that may require costly implants and aftercare – it’s an expensive mistake to make!

I clean my teeth just fine, thanks.

It’s surprising how bad habits can creep into even the most diligent! Adopting the wrong brushing technique, missing areas, brushing too hard, and even using the wrong tools can result in larger issues, such as gum erosion and decay, if not caught early.

It’s uncomfortable and scary!

Dental techniques have come a long way in the past few decades, so with newer and smarter technology at your dentist’s fingertips, cleaning teeth has never been easier. If you, or one of your family members, are a nervous patient, many dental clinics cater to help. A reputable dentist will be able to calmly walk these patients through the different procedures and techniques to make the appointment far less nerve-wracking.

I only need to see a dentist when something is wrong.

One of the greatest misconceptions is that dentists can perform miracles on broken, damaged or diseased teeth.

Regular appointments will allow your dental team to recognise slight changes in oral health and enact preventative care quickly on issues such as impactions, disease and growths.

Choosing to not take up regular appointments can lead to embarrassing extractions and long-term health impacts, so why risk it?

My family’s teeth are fine!

Unless you’re able to supervise their dental habits, your family members should get the expert help from a dentist.

Not only does this encourage good oral health from an early age – it means that your children can avoid embarrassing situations that make them self-conscious for life – such as chronic bad breath and uneven smiles.

Your dental check-ups are an essential part of a long-term health plan; without them, you and your family can fork out thousands to correct easily preventable issues.

If you would like more information on setting up dental check-ups, please contact our dental clinic in Parramatta on 02 8004 0055.

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