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Dentist Journal

White Fillings Procedure

Everyone wants healthy, white teeth. But despite our best efforts to maintain them, even people with good hygiene may experience tooth decay or discoloration. Luckily there are treatments that can restore natural white colour to a tooth that is affected by discoloration or cavities.

One of the simplest procedures that provide this is “white fillings”. A procedure where decayed or discoloured areas of a tooth are removed and filled with a tooth coloured resin material.

White fillings, also known as composite fillings, have many advantages to other treatments for decayed teeth. One of the biggest benefits they provide; if good oral hygiene is maintained following treatment, is that they prevent further decay and discoloration without changing the aesthetics of your mouth. Unlike traditional silver fillings, which are very obvious and look out of place, a composite filling is able to seamlessly integrate with the tooth and looks very natural. The discreet nature and simplicity of this procedure makes it one of the most common dental treatments performed by dental clinics in Parramatta. Also since white fillings chemically bond to teeth, they don’t require invasive procedures like metal pins to hold them in place.

Getting a filling in a tooth that has cracks can also help prevent further damage. Teeth with wear can easily become infected or decayed, which will require more extensive and expensive procedures to fix. However, these extended damages can often be prevented with proper care and the appropriate filling.

A common concern when getting a filling for many people is that the tooth will remain more sensitive than the surrounding teeth. While this is true for teeth with large cavities, requiring large fillings. Sensitivity should only be an issue for a few days during the recovery. A properly placed white filling is a durable solution for discolored or damaged teeth, without compromising your comfort or the aesthetics of your smile.

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