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Dentist Journal

All About Teeth Whitening

Exploring Teeth Whitening: Available Options and Qualified Professionals

The desire to have a bright Hollywood smile drives many people to try quick teeth whitening solutions. Yet, these whitening solutions can cause more harm than good. Unlike many freelance dealers, licensed dentists must adhere to the highest safety standards to protect their patients. Our dentists in Parramatta are well-versed in the safest teeth whitening treatments and can tailor them to suit you.

In this article, we talk all about teeth whitening. We discuss what it is, how it’s done, which teeth are suitable, whether you can do it at home, and the results you can expect.

What is Teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is the process of restoring the white colour to discoloured teeth. It is normal for your teeth to turn yellow with age. Yet, some other causes of discoloured teeth include the type of water you drink, lifestyle choices such as smoking and poor dental hygiene. The root cause of your discoloured teeth can guide our dentists in Parramatta to formulate a suitable whitening program.

Are all teeth suitable for whitening?

Unfortunately, not all teeth are suitable for whitening right away. Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dentistry treatment that cannot precede emergency or essential treatments. If you have cavities, tooth decay, gum disease or other dental challenges, your dentist must address them first. Whitening unhealthy teeth is detrimental and can cause lasting damage.

Before treatment, your dentist will inspect your teeth for cracks, holes and other underlying challenges. The effects of previous dental treatment such as fillings, crowns and veneers also affect how your dentist administers your teeth whitening program. A thorough inspection of your teeth and dental records will enable your dentist to design your best course of treatment.

What is the process? What are my options?

We use a three-step process to administer our teeth whitening Parramatta treatment. We designed our system to enhance comfort and convenience. As such, our system is ideal for people with busy schedules.

  • In-office whitening

The in-office whitening step is the shortest phase in our process. The dentist applies a peroxide gel on your teeth and lets this sit for 30 to 45 minutes. The dentist uses a laser to activate the peroxide gel.

  • Custom mouth trays

At the beginning of your appointment, your dentist will take moulds of your teeth and set them aside. These moulds need to fit your teeth perfectly. Once you complete the first step, the moulds will support the application of another bleaching gel to your teeth. The second stage takes an hour.

  • Home treatment

The third step in our treatment is the most convenient. Your dentist will give you a mild peroxide and instruct you on how to use it at home. The home treatment gel is safe for self-administration. The duration for the final treatment step varies with each patient.

What about DIY teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening treatment regimes are unique to each patient, so without a professional dental consultation, you cannot design a sustainable treatment plan. The bulk of commercial teeth whitening treatments provide a one-size-fits-all solution. These solutions rarely consider the underlying conditions you may have.

Before pursuing a DIY tooth whitening solution, contact our Parramatta dentist. We have several mild gels and treatments that we can recommend with the approval of the Australian Therapy Goods Administration (TGA).

What results can I expect?

At the end of the day, everyone has a unique dental makeup. The results of one patient may vary significantly from another. The duration and form of treatment also affect the outcome of your teeth whitening process. While your teeth will become whiter and your smile brighter, our focus is on developing a healthy, sustainable solution that will give you lasting results.

Contact the friendly team at Parramatta Dental Avenue today to arrange an initial consultation and kickstart your glowing smile.

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