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Teeth whitening – What is it all about?

tooth whitening

Yellowing of teeth is one of the signs of aging; luckily it’s also easily fixed! Teeth whitening is a common procedure in cosmetic dentistry with very low side effects.

At Parramatta Dental Avenue, we follow a three step procedure which aims to give you best results while decreasing sensitivity. Our three step process includes:

  • In-office Whitening: a peroxide gel is applied on your teeth for 30-45 min and activated with laser.
  • Custom-fitting mouth trays are made out of moulds taken of your teeth at the beginning of your appointment. Your dentist will use these trays to apply another bleaching gel for 1 hour.
  • You will be given a Take home whitening gel – mild peroxide that is safe to use at home. This kit allows you to keep whitening, or top up your whitening later!

Not all teeth are suitable for whitening treatment. If you have fillings or crowns on your teeth keep in mind that these restorations will not change colour, also your teeth need to be decay free and healthy. A consultation with your dentist is essential before starting treatment.

Teeth whitening – What is it all about

Teeth whiten best when they are clean. Getting calculus/tartar removed off the teeth by a dentist/hygienist will ensure a brighter and more even result.

As individuals our teeth vary in shape, colour and size. They also respond differently to whitening gels, certain teeth shades require more than one in-office session or a longer period of home application.

The most common side effect of whitening is sensitivity; it usually lasts for one day and can be easily managed. A desensitising gel applied by a dentist/hygienist in the custom-fitting trays and avoiding cold food and beverages will help manage symptoms.


Is DIY Commercial whitening safe?

When applying whitening gels such as peroxide, it is possible to cause irritations and burns on your gums. That is why DIY whitening gels have much lower strengths than what is used by a dental professional. This means that you will need to apply them more frequently to achieve a noticeable result, which could lead to more sensitive teeth, increase the likelihood of gum irritations, and enamel damage.

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