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Dentist Journal

The biggest dental revolutions in the last ten years

Life is moving fast, and so is the dental technological revolution. Earlier, new dental technologies took decades to become functional and widely adopted. The same techniques were being used for 20 years. However, this trend has changed due to the entry of corporate and insurance groups in the dental sector.

  • Digital impressions: The traditional impression taking method using impression material is being replaced by the wireless intraoral scanners using light beam and cameras. These are being deployed for capturing dental arches’ high-quality digital impressions. Then dental laboratories analyze these image with the help of software in dental laboratories to digitally design and mill a reliable 3-D model of the single unit, quads, and full arch. Thereby, producing highly accurate and digitally designed teeth replacement in the form of crowns and bridgesremovable partial dentures; temporary crowns and virtual diagnostic wax-ups; abutments, implant bridges and bars; veneers, inlays and onlays; and post and core, etc.
  • Digital laboratory technology is rapidly evolving, and this has changed the way of designing and fabricating dental restorations. Ten years ago, dentists were recommending porcelain fused to metal and full cast crown and bridges. However, today dentists are recommending highly esthetic lithium disilicate and zirconia restorations. This can be layered with porcelain onto this new material.
  • Invisalign: These are clear and almost invisible braces that can help in straightening of teeth. They can be removed easily for cleaning.
  • High-tech radiology: These high-tech digital x-rays are much quicker and more efficient than conventional radiographs. The radiographic image of teeth is captured using a phosphor plate or an electronic sensor. Then these images can be immediately viewed on the computer screen. These can be stored as an image file on your dentist’s computer to be used during the follow-up visits. Digital radiology reduces up to 80% of the exposure of radio-waves to the patient.
  • Tooth cavity detection using Lasers: This invention is slowly replacing an instrument called as “explorer” to detect dental caries or decay. These are diode laser that is being used to detect and remove dental caries.
  • Thinner veneers: These are customised thin mouldings used that cover the front of deformed or an intensely stained tooth. Less tooth reduction is required.

Current dentistry students might not realise the pace of revolutions. However, those who have been in practice for the last couple of decades can make out the speed of revolution in dentistry. Many dental equipment and materials like developer and fixer and mercury dispenser have become obsolete and can now only be found in dental history books. This revolution in the dental industry has elevated the level of patient care.

At Dental Avenue Parramatta we use the latest technology to provide our patients with state of the art dental care experiences. To get the most cutting-edge results make an appointment with us for your next dental check-up. Call us on 800 400 55 today.

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