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Dentist Journal

The Denture Process Explained

A denture, as the name suggests, is basically a replacement for missing teeth and surrounding tissues. Dentures have become a part of everyday life – millions of people around the world are wearing dentures. These dentures offer plenty of benefits and help people live their life with confidence by enabling them to eat effectively, smile, and speak.

Type of Dentures

You might be recommended one of the four types of a denture; partial denture, conventional full denture, immediate dentures, or overdentures.

  • Partial Dentures: These dentures are recommended when some of the teeth are missing.
  • Conventional full dentures: These are recommended for when all the teeth have been removed, in one or both jaws. These dentures are placed in the mouth about eight to twelve weeks after the teeth have been removed.
  • Immediate dentures: Just after your teeth are extracted these are placed in your mouth and are usable immediately.
  • Overdentures: These are the dentures that are supported by either implants or a tooth root stump.

What to generally expect during the denture process:

  • Evaluation: When you visit for a denture appointment at Dental Avenue, one of our dentists will conduct a thorough dental examination that will include x-rays of your gums and jaw. After evaluation, additional teeth extraction and a minor surgery to remove excess tissue might be suggested for the best fitting of the denture.
  • Tooth removal or minor surgery: We take care to guide you through the steps of extractions and any surgeries that may be suggested, so that our patients feel comfortable that they are being fully informed.
  • Impression: To create a perfectly tailored denture for you, an impression of your oral structures will be taken using either a plastic impression material or an intraoral scanner as per the requirements of the denture.
  • Bite moulds and selecting colour and shape of your teeth: These are made up of wax blocks that are used to check your biting action. Your old photographs might help you in selecting the colour and shape.
  • Premature denture or Wax model: Teeth selected will be set in the wax model, and the biting action would be rechecked.These will give you a fair idea about how your denture will look. After our dentist’s evaluation and your approval, this model is sent for processing.
  • Fitting: During the final denture fitting appointment, the denture will be placed in your mouth, and a final finishing would be performed if required. The treating dentist would then provide you with the instructions for taking care of your denture.

You might have to make four or five dental appointments over a period of three to six weeks, however, this will vary from person to person and the type of denture being fitted. Our experienced dental team are on hand to guide you through your specific denture journey. Contact our Dental Clinic Parramatta surgery to find out more at 02 800 400 55.

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