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Dentist Journal

What’s the best age to consider getting Invisalign at?

Thinking of straightening your teeth? Then consider Invisalign. Invisalign is one of the most effective components of cosmetic dentistry, using a series of plastic aligners to gradually move the teeth. These are specially crafted see-through removable aligners made specifically for you, arranged by our team in Parramatta. These aligners do the same job as performed by traditional metal braces but in a much less visible manner. For the best results, people have been curious about the appropriate age to consider getting Invisalign. While answering this question we need to understand that since every mouth is unique, therefore there cannot be just the one right answer.

You have to understand how Invisalign works to understand the best age to consider them. They use pressure over a period, that makes the teeth shift gradually, and new bone fills the voids made by the movement of teeth. This process of movement continues till the teeth are in the final position.There are other personal factors of health that are considered while deciding when to start using Invisalign. However, we should keep in mind the following basic things while planning the Invisalign program.

Deciduous or Baby teeth

Early start of orthodontic treatment is not always the best option. Invisalign programs should be started once your child has lost all of her or his baby teeth, and also the second adult molars are all erupted, usually by the age of 13. The ideal time to start this treatment for your child can be determined by scheduling an appointment at our dental clinic in Parramatta.

Oral Health

To achieve the best results out of an Invisalign program, you need to consider other oral health factors and eating habits. Any gingival inflammation (gingivitis), or cavities need to be treated before starting treatment. In some cases it is recommended to remove wisdom teeth before starting a course of orthodontic treatment.

Invisalign is one of the best options for those who would prefer more flexibility and a nearly invisible option. The best age for this program would differ from patient to patient. We at Dental avenue Parramatta have extensive experience in guiding our patients on the path of a better smile with our cutting-edge technology, so contact us today on 02 80040055 for more information on an Invisalign program or to schedule an appointment.

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