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Dentist Journal

Are You A Candidate for Sleep Dentistry?

Sleep dentistry is a process that comfortably and safely sedates a patient during a dental procedure. During this process, medication is used to help the patient relax. The level of sedation would depend on the type of medicine and method being used. A patient’s age, level of anxiety, duration and complexity of the dental procedure are amongst some of the factors that decide the type of sedation that would be required. Sleep dentistry treatments in our dental clinic in Parramattaare performed by a highly experienced and trained team. Sleep dentistry is well known for helping people with anxiety and nervousness as well as those who have extensive treatment plans. It is in fact also popular generally because comfort is enhanced during a procedure performed with sleep dentistry.

Sleep dentistry has been working fabulously for the following people for several years now:

  • People who find it difficult to sit through dental procedures due to strong gag or choking reflexes. This can then enhance the anxiety of a dental appointment.
  • People with an extreme phobia of dentistry: Sleep dentistry in these cases puts the mind of the patient at ease by making them sleep during the procedure.
  • People with extensive or complicated dental treatments: If you have to get a lot of dental treatments performed then sleep dentistry may be a good option. In these cases, since the treatment could last for a long time, dentists may suggest sleep dentistry to perform the dental procedure thoroughly without making the patient uncomfortable.
  • People with physical limitations such as problems in their back and neck: Sleep dentistry is a perfect solution for people with physical limitations.
  • Potential candidates for oral surgery: Our dentists often recommend sleep dentistry for the prospective candidates for oral surgery, such as that undertaken for impacted tooth removal or wisdom teeth removal, or for dental implants.

If you would like to discuss your options then give the team at Parramatta Dental Avenue a call on 800 400 55 and we will book you in with one of our great and experienced dentists who can guide you through the whole procedure.

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