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Dentist Journal

The Hidden Dangers of Night Snacking

Night snacking is in many ways a kind of addiction. Although it gives pleasure momentarily – people who tend to night snack regularly could well be damaging their smile more than their waistline. Many of us are strict with our diets for the whole day only to spoil it by raiding the fridge after hours. Research suggests that feasting in the middle of the night can damage your teeth. It was concluded that people who are not night eaters lost fewer teeth than their night snacking counterparts.

There are some foods in particular that people tend to crave. These foods are generally sugar products, grain products, hydrogenated oils, and carbonated water items. Consuming these types of foods or drinks late in the night will make your teeth prone to decay. This can further have an impact on your body weight, bone health, and heart health.

People tend to brush their teeth after dinner and night snacking often takes place after they have brushed their teeth. This gives time for bacteria to interact with sugar and food particles while you are sleeping. This does not mean that you can indulge in night feasting as long as you brush your teeth after your snacks.

At night, the mouth is at its driest, as our bodies produce less saliva when we are sleeping. Saliva is largely responsible for removing the bacteria from our mouths and is also responsible for removing sugar and food particles along with it. This means that any night snacking foods along bacteria will remain on our teeth for a longer duration than day-snacking foods AND will make an aggressive biofilm on our teeth leading to cavities and other dental problems.

Along with brushing, flossing and professional dental cleaning, regular dental check-ups can help in keeping your teeth in their best condition. Although at your regular dental check-ups, our dentists won’t be able to stop you from night snacking – they will be able to tell you about the condition of your teeth and make you aware of the risks associated with night snacking.

To conclude, the side effects of night snacking can comprise of tooth decay, plaque formation, and a weakening of gum fibres and bones. It can also have an adverse impact on other body parts as well. If you have been indulging late at night, schedule an appointment with our Parramatta Dentists to discuss some strategies. Ring us on 800 400 55 and a team member will happily assist you.

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