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Dentist Journal

Why a post-Christmas dental check-up is a good idea

Ah, Christmas, it’s that one time of the year when we have all overindulged while spending quality time with friends and family. It’s now the New Year, and it’s time to turn your attention away from indulgence to organising a dental check up with your Parramatta dentist at Dental Avenue.

You may not realise it, but your teeth take a *battering* with all the lovely Christmas foods, treats, sweets and drinks on offer, sadly, we drink and eat without realising how much we are neglecting our teeth.

It’s Christmas, we love the chocolates and nuts, the shortbread, pudding and Christmas cakes, but that lovely yummy Christmas diet is full of oily and sugary treats – that, while they taste amazing, really do nothing for our teeth. If you feel you have *gone all out* over the Christmas holidays – now is the time to visit your Parramatta dentist for a post-Christmas check-up.

No more excuses, Christmas is over; you’ve bought and wrapped all the presents, and organised all the Christmas food, attended all the parties and get-togethers, it’s time for your dentist visit!

Your dentist will assess your overall dental health and ask if you have had any issues over the Christmas season, pains when eating cold foods or sweet foods. Your dentist will look for any signs of tooth decay and gum disease, start the year off right and ensure your teeth are healthy.

Your Parramatta dentist has five simple tips to not only get you through the Christmas season, but tips to get you through the year. You want your teeth to stay healthy and free from tooth decay and gum disease….

  • Chew a sugar-free gum, or brush your teeth after eating sugary or oily foods.
  • Brush and floss your teeth twice a day.
  • Substitute hard foods, for foods that are softer – for example, switch a crusty roll for a softer bread roll. This is to ensure your teeth aren’t being strained.
  • Limit your citrus and sugar intake.
  • Rinse your mouth out after eating.

If you have been experiencing a toothache, bleeding gums or any other issues during the Christmas holidays, now is the time to have your teeth checked BEFORE further damage is done. Throughout Christmas people tend not to worry, with all the food, family and friends, but if you do find your teeth are feeling sensitive, it’s time to make that appointment with your dentist. If you haven’t seen your dentist in a while, you’re probably not aware of the state of your teeth, so make an appointment today and have any issues looked at and taken care of. Call us on 800 400 55 and speak to one of our friendly team members.

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