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Dentist Journal

When is the Right Time to Address Discoloured Teeth?

Healthy white smiles make a considerable impact during meetings in social circles. Discoloured teeth can lead to a decrease in confidence and self-esteem. So, one of the frequently asked questions is how young is too young for getting a discoloured tooth fixed? A multitude of scientific literature proves that there are no upper or lower […]

What’s the best age to consider getting Invisalign at?

Thinking of straightening your teeth? Then consider Invisalign. Invisalign is one of the most effective components of cosmetic dentistry, using a series of plastic aligners to gradually move the teeth. These are specially crafted see-through removable aligners made specifically for you, arranged by our team in Parramatta. These aligners do the same job as performed […]

The Denture Process Explained

A denture, as the name suggests, is basically a replacement for missing teeth and surrounding tissues. Dentures have become a part of everyday life – millions of people around the world are wearing dentures. These dentures offer plenty of benefits and help people live their life with confidence by enabling them to eat effectively, smile, […]

8 Preventative Dental Care Tips

The mouth is the gateway to the human body. If it is not maintained properly, it can lead to many other disorders in our bodies. Maintaining dental health from childhood through to old age helps in keeping many additional requirements for healthy living. Good oral hygiene supports healthy teeth which allow for chewing food properly […]

How Serious is Gum Recession?

Usually, when we think about oral heath, we think about things like holes in your teeth, rotten or missing teeth, getting fillings and falsies, or even bleeding gums. But today we’re here to talk about another problem that you may not generally consider: receding gums. Unlike a receding hairline, receding gums are not generally a […]