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Dentist Journal

Classic Dentures Could Soon be A Thing of The Past

Advancements are being made every day – from technology to medicine, and it appears that soon drug filled 3D dentures that fight oral infections and diseases could become one of the next significant advancements in the field of dentistry.

For anyone who has ever worn dentures, they know how irritating they can be, dentures that are not fitted properly can rub against the gums, causing redness, inflammation and swelling in the mouth. If this irritation is left untreated Stomatitis which is a denture related infection can cause a range of fungal infections.

3D printing is leading the way, and researchers at the University of Buffalo are using 3D printers to print new dentures that can help fight these infections. Researchers are printing dentures that are filled with microscopic capsules that release an antifungal medication called Amphotericin B.

In the US alone up to two-thirds of the denture wearing population suffer from frequent fungal infections, but it is hoped that 3D printed dentures filled with drugs can be a *game changer* when it comes to treating problems and infections associated with dentures.

Currently, today in most cases, to help reduce discomfort denture wearers are cleaning their dentures daily – using everything from baking soda to antiseptic mouthwashes and denture cleaners to merely removing and soaking their dentures overnight.

While these methods are valid, they require the dentures to be entirely removed from the mouth to be cleaned. It’s believed that the new 3D printed dentures will allow wearers to care for the dentures while still wearing them.

These new dentures will save people time and money in the long run. Traditional dentures can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to manufacture, while 3D technology allows the patient to have customised and personal dentures in just a few hours. The dentists in Parramatta are excited to hear about these advancements and are looking forward to learning more about this cutting-edge technology.

It is also hoped that 3D technology will be able to help people who need casts, stents, splints and prosthetics. For those susceptible to infection – such as the elderly, disabled or hospitalised an anti-fungal application could be invaluable.

So far, a wide range of dentures has been printed using acrylamide a material commonly used in most denture fabrication. Using machines, the dentures were bent to test their strength and while they are less flexible than traditional dentures the 3D dentures never cracked.

There are currently two kinds of dentures – part dentures used when only some teeth are missing and full dentures that are used when all the teeth on the top or bottom of the jaw are missing. For many older people, it was common to have your teeth removed by the dentist whenever there were problems.

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