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Dentist Journal

The Concept of Excellence and Trust

There’s a character in White Collar who calls himself The Dentist. When he was asked why he chose that nickname, he says it was the scariest thing he could think of. For many people, dentists and spiders are more terrifying than death itself. Fortunately, that doesn’t have to be true, and our dentists in Parramatta are determined to change that perception. Dental treatment evokes this reaction for two reasons – pain and costs.

Our dental practice selected its motto very carefully. A lot of patients are unaware that the amount of pain they (don’t) feel is directly linked to the quality of their dentist. For example, would you believe it’s possible to have your wisdom teeth extracted with no pain at all? If your dentist uses the right amount of anaesthesia, you’ll barely feel a thing. There’ll be discomfort once the meds wear off, but with the right dentist, you’ll receive guidance on an after-care routine that will significantly minimise unpleasant sensations.

Techniques that create patient comfort

Similarly, if you visit the right dentist, you will have access to advances in dental technology. These new techniques reduce pain levels to nearly zero. For example, laser dentistry can be used to pull back soft tissues, making tooth extraction faster and less messy. Laser treatments heal much faster with far less swelling, making the whole experience a lot more bearable. Sleep dentistry is another option.

While it’s not ideal for all dental procedures, it can certainly be helpful. Sleep dentistry numbs your nerves while leaving you fully conscious, so you won’t experience the smells, sounds, or feelings that may trigger your dental anxiety. The procedure also induces mild amnesia, so even though you’re awake the whole time, you’ll find you barely recall the specific steps of your dental procedure. You’ll also skip post-dentist disorientation.

Multiple options for a beautiful smile

We believe your smile is your best feature, so we take extra steps to beautify it. We don’t offer blanket solutions. We recognise that getting a brighter smile may be a universal wish, but its solutions are not one-size fits all. For example, if you want to repair a flaw on a single tooth, we can install a tooth-coloured filling that matches it to the rest of your tooth. For a more generalised problem, we offer safe tooth whitening treatments.

Similarly, if you have a cavity or a chip, we don’t just rush to fill your teeth with metal. We will review your case and offer individual solutions, whether it’s porcelain, composite, or veneer. And for those ubiquitous crooked or misaligned teeth, we offer invisible braces that offer exceptional results while skipping over the previously inevitable social embarrassment.

Our practice aims at fixing your dental problems without compromising your psychological comfort. We aim to offer expert service with a smile while we work to improve yours. Our staff are warm, friendly, and open, and we offer multiple discounts that can make your dental treatment kinder on your pocket, guaranteeing excellence and earning trust.

For highly skilled dentists you can rely on, call Dental Avenue Parramatta today on 02 80040055.

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