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Dentist Journal

Why You Shouldn't Skip Brushing Your Teeth before Bed

Why You Shouldn’t Skip Brushing Your Teeth before Bed

After a long day, it’s tempting to skip your dental routine and hop straight into bed. While it might not feel like a huge deal to neglect your nightly brushing for a night or two, it can quickly turn into a bad habit that’s hard to break.

Even if you’ve been lax about brushing your teeth at night, it’s better late than never to start establishing a good nighttime routine. In this post, we’ll explain why it’s crucial to brush before bed and offer some tips for how to incorporate it into your pre-bedtime regimen.

Why brushing before bed is important

During an average day, the food that you eat collects inside your mouth and begins to turn into plaque. Plaque is the sticky, film-like material that sticks to your teeth and feels a bit slimy when you run your tongue against it.

Without proper brushing, plaque will cling to your teeth and release bacteria that can eat away at the enamel. Eventually, if you don’t brush often or well enough, plaque hardens and forms a substance called tartar.

Tartar is a hard, white-ish or yellow-coloured substance that collects around your gums and on your teeth. Once you get to the point where plaque has turned into tartar, you won’t be able to remove it yourself. You’ll have to visit your dentist or oral hygienist, who can remove it using professional tools. If you don’t treat your tartar effectively, it may cause more severe problems like gum disease or tooth loss.

However, you don’t have to let it get to that point. With twice-daily brushing and flossing once per day, you can keep plaque under control — before it starts forming tartar. In particular, brushing before bed takes care of the bacteria that’s been growing in your mouth all day, making it easier to remove now and in the future.

Tips for brushing your teeth before bed

If you have trouble motivating yourself or remembering to brush your teeth before bed, there are a few tricks that could help you get yourself into the habit of it.

·         Set a reminder before bed.

If you continually forget to brush, setting an alarm on your phone is an easy way to remind yourself to head to the bathroom and clean your pearly whites.

·         Brush with your partner, child, or housemate.

When you make a point of brushing your teeth with someone else, you’re more likely to hold yourself accountable to do it each night.

·         Purchase an electric toothbrush.

 If you don’t already have an electric toothbrush, purchasing one can serve as a financial investment that motivates you to stick to your good dental hygiene habits.

·         Download a habit tracking app.

Developing a new habit can be made easier with a habit tracking app. These tools let you set daily goals (like brushing your teeth) and tick them off when you’ve completed them.

Brushing your teeth might seem like a small part of your routine, but it plays a crucial role in your overall wellbeing. Without proper dental care, you run the risk of developing serious issues like tooth decay or periodontal disease.

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