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Dentist Journal

When Is The Right Time For Me To Get Braces?

When Is The Right Time For Me To Get Braces?

Because many people get braces during childhood or in their teenage years, some adults might feel as if they’re too old to benefit from braces. However, that idea is simply untrue.

The truth is that braces can help fix misaligned teeth and improve your self-esteem at any age. Plus, thanks to recent advances in dental technology, you can even opt for invisible braces to discreetly straighten up your smile.

In this post, we’ll share our perspective on when you should consider getting braces. We’ll also discuss the merits of invisible braces and how they can be used to subtly straighten your smile.

What issues do braces fix?

Your dentist might recommend braces for several reasons, from crooked teeth to underbites to jaw misalignment. Not only can braces help fix cosmetic issues and give you more confidence in your smile, but they can also correct more serious orthodontic problems.

Getting braces as a young adult vs. as an older adult

It’s common for teens and pre-teens to get braces around the time that all or most of their permanent teeth have grown in. For most youngsters, this is between the ages of 8 to 14.

Dentists and orthodontists often recommend that kids get braces at this age because they’re still growing, which makes their teeth more able to straighten out.

But just because you weren’t fitted with braces during your younger years, doesn’t mean that you’ve missed your opportunity to straighten your teeth. In fact, more older adults are getting braces these days to feel better about their smiles.

There are also a number of older patients who return to get braces after having them as a child. In some cases, this is because they did not wear their retainers correctly after getting their braces off. As a result, their teeth have shifted back to where they were before they had braces, effectively erasing the work that the braces did.

Generally speaking, adults are more likely to adhere to their dentist’s guidelines about caring for their braces and wearing retainers, unlike some teenagers and young adults. In this regard, getting braces as an adult can actually be preferable to having them as a child.

When compared to kids, adults will typically be more diligent about following their dentist’s advice regarding braces and retainers. This helps their teeth stay straighter in the long-term.

New types of braces

In the past, people decided against getting traditional metal braces because of the way they looked. But these days, you can wear braces more discreetly, thanks to the popularity of invisible braces from companies like Invisalign.

When you begin Invisalign treatment, your dentist will fit you with clear, removable aligners that move your teeth into place over a 12-to-14-month period (on average). Every six to eight weeks, you’ll receive a new set of aligners to keep shifting your teeth to give you a stunningly straight smile.

If you’re interested in learning more about how braces can benefit you, schedule an appointment with Parramatta Dental Avenue today. Our dentists in Parramatta will work with you to design a treatment plan that lets you show off your gorgeous smile for years to come.

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