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Dentist Journal

Why is our Self Esteem So Impacted by Having Bad Teeth?

While there are people out there with bad teeth that can just “grin and bear it”, for many of us, it’s a source of personal shame and embarrassment. It’s not like bad teeth happen on purpose, it’s not like they are a flaw of our own making, they’re often just genetic, or by accident.

Why is our self esteem so affected because of Bad Teeth?

A smile means that you’re happy

When you have bad teeth there is the tendency to smile with a closed mouth to cover up your teeth. While others around throw their heads back and laugh full throttle, it feels unsightly embarrassing to do so for you. What this means, is that you are stifling your enjoyment, your happiness, simply so that you do not show your teeth.

The celebrity effect

Wherever you look these days you see celebrities and “the beautiful people”. If there is a celebrity with bad teeth, then we are yet to see one. What this does is give us a skewed view of the world. No, no everyone is that gorgeous, that skinny, that muscular, with perfect white teeth. Did you know that many celebrities even use veneers as they want to cover up their “bad teeth”?

Why Is Our Self-Esteem So Impacted by Having Bad Teeth

You see your teeth every time you look in the mirror

It can be hard to look in the mirror without immediately focusing on our flaws, instead of on our best bits. Once you start looking at your teeth you might start to feel unhappy, and like you can’t face the outside world. Instead, we should be concentrating on the things we like best!

You can hide your belly, your feet, or your thighs, but you can’t hide your face

If you’ve got a muffin top, some ugly hoofers, or wobbly thighs, it can be very easy to cover up this perceived flaws – simply with clothing or shoes. However, the same can’t be said for our faces. Covering our teeth with our lips is about as much of a cover up job as we can do. This makes us feel more vulnerable than it would if it were another area of our body.

“Bad teeth” can always be helped

If you are struggling with self esteem issues as a result of having “bad teeth”, then take time out to come in to see us for a consult on what we can do to help improve the appearance of your teeth. We offer a wide variety of cosmetic services, such as teeth whitening, dental implants, veneers, and invisible braces. Call us at Dental Avenue Parramatta for an appointment to get you on the way to the smile that you’ve always dreamed of today.

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