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Dentist Journal

The Trios 3 Wireless – Dental Avenue focuses on technology adaption

Taking impressions of teeth and gums has been revolutionised by the Trios 3 – this technology which has been highly anticipated by the dental community. This scanner has finally digitalised the impression taking process which has, in turn, created many benefits for patients and their in-chair experience.

Dental Avenue Parramatta was the first dental practice in Australia to utilise the new Trios 3 Wireless and the first to use it on patients. We also helped educate the dental community around Australia on how to use the technology.

We were invited to give several presentations about the TRIOS scanner. Henry Schein Halas (where we got the scanner from) made us Key-speakers, we were thrilled to give presentations about the Trios to dentists around Australia.

What exactly is Trios 3 Wireless?

As the name suggests, “Trios 3 wireless” is a wireless intraoral scanner that takes high-quality digital impressions without making patients or dentists uncomfortable.  Dental arches’ high-quality digital impressions are captured using a light beam and cameras, and then these images are analysed with the help of software in dental laboratories to reconstruct a reliable 3-D model of the single unit, quads, and full arch. These models are used to make replacements of teeth in the form of crowns and bridges, removable partial dentures, temporary crowns and virtual diagnostic wax-ups, abutments, implant bridges and bars, veneers, inlays and onlays, etc.

What are the advantages of using Trios 3 Wireless?

  • According to The American Dental Association’s reports, on a dental visit 7.5% of the patients’ gag. The Trios 3 Wireless has allayed this fear of gagging since there is no usage of uncomfortable impression taking the material in the process of digital scanning.  It also enables a dentist or an assistant to stop the procedure and re-start in continuity, which gives the patient the opportunity to relax.
  • Trios 3 Wireless has reduced in-chair time significantly by making impression scanning a quick and easy process.
  • The number of patient’s sitting sessions is greatly reduced as it provides highly accurate digital impressions especially when compared to conventional impression methods – this also helps in making better fitting restorations and requires fewer adjustments post fitting. Another benefit is that dentists get instant access to the images which enables us to practice same day dentistry. This saves the patient time as well.
  • It has boosted the level of patient engagement in the clinic as patients can now see their own mouth on the screen in realistic colours during the scan and after, which helps to increase understanding and awareness amongst patients about their oral health.
  • Dentist get to choose the type of grip for the scanner, which enables them to carry out the procedure with more skill and agility.
  • There are no wires; which removes one of the previous causes of annoyance.

The team at our  dental clinic in Parramatta can definitively vouch through our experience that this innovative technology has revolutionised a previously uncomfortable procedure into a much more positive experience.

The dental clinics in Australia who have embraced the Trios 3 Wireless scanner have been catching the attention of patients by providing them with a comfortable and faster treatment option. Stay tuned for more updates as Dental Avenue Parramatta is currently in the proccess of acquiring some more groundbreaking technology.

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