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Effects of Energy Drinks on Your Dental Health

If there is something we’ve been conscientiously warned against by dentists in Parramatta, it’s sugar. However, for those who love sweet things, such warnings are simply ignored. The result is serious dental health problems that are costing many people, young and old, their teeth. But even as dentists continue sounding the alarm about the effects of sugar on your teeth, not so much has been said about energy drinks.

More dentists are now educating their patients on the effects of energy drinks on dental health. The dentists were prompted to take a preventive approach after a study found out that energy drinks cause serious and irreversible damage to teeth.


What Energy Drinks Do to Your Teeth

According to the study, which was published on General Dentistry, the acid content of these drinks eats enamel from your teeth. This either leaves the enamel too thin or completely worn out, putting the teeth at risk of decay and sensitivity. Experts have warned that this damage is irreparable. The damage is usually very grave because most people consume energy drinks and don’t wash their mouths immediately. When the acid is left on your teeth for a long time, the wearing out of enamel becomes more serious. That is why more dentists in Parramatta are advising their patients to either avoid energy drinks entirely or make sure they clean their mouths right after enjoying the drink.


The Most Affected Demographics

People of all ages love energy drinks, which has been found to have worse effects on teeth enamel than sports drinks. However, research reports state that teens and young adults are the biggest culprits. Quite a sizeable number of people consume energy drinks regularly, which puts them at a higher risk of losing their teeth enamel. Therefore, dentists are particularly proposing alternative beverages to their teen and young adult patients in an effort to help them cut down on their energy drinks intake.


How Much is Too Much?

If you’re the occasional consumer of energy drinks, the effect may not be evident over a short period. However, for individuals who binge on these drinks, the enamel on their teeth would get corroded faster and would soon be noticeable by their dentist. Dental experts are, therefore, up in arms against the consumption of energy drinks to forestall teeth decay and cavity formation.

You don’t want to experiment with your teeth, do you? If you’ve been taking it and find it challenging to withdraw at once, do so gradually but ensure you wash your mouth thoroughly every time you consume the beverage.

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