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Dentist Journal

Dental emergencies when travelling and how to deal with them

Who doesn’t love going away for a holiday? Travelling to new and exciting places is a lot of fun, for many, it could be the trip of a lifetime. Unfortunately, if something suddenly happens to your teeth while you are travelling, it can be devastating. Nothing will ruin a holiday faster than having to deal with a health issue.

So, what do you do if something happens to your teeth if a dental emergency arises? Your Parramatta dentist knows there are a range of *dental emergencies* that can occur when travelling which includes accidents, injuries and infections –

  • Bitten lip or tongue
  • A toothache
  • Knocked out tooth
  • Object caught between teeth
  • Chipped or broken tooth
  • Abscess

It’s important to seek professional help if any of those above situations arise, but, if access to dental health is limited, there are things you can do to help ease the situation.

  • If a permanent tooth has been knocked out, rinse the tooth with saline, if you can, try placing it back into the socket without touching the root. If you are unable to do this, put it in some milk and see a dentist.
  • For a chipped or broken tooth, rinse your mouth with warm water to clean the area, a cold compress on the face is also helpful to keep swelling down.
  • If you have something stuck between your teeth, try gently removing it using dental floss. Don’t use sharp objects or anything pointed as they can scratch the surface of the tooth or cut your gum.
  • If you have bitten your tongue or lip control the bleeding using pressure and a clean gauze, a cold compress can also help reduce swelling on the outside.
  • Toothaches are often caused when the nerve of the tooth is irritated, this can be due to tooth decay or infection. A warm saline rinse can help relieve some of the pain.
  • An abscess is an infection around the root of a tooth or in the spaces between the teeth and gum. If left untreated it can damage tissue and surrounding teeth, with the infection possibly spreading to other parts of the body – this is a severe condition that requires immediate medical attention.

While this can sound both daunting and upsetting, it’s a good reason your dentists in Parramatta strongly suggest taking out travel insurance. Travel insurance covers dental emergencies but is often restricted to the treatment of pain, any infections and if need be the removal of any affected teeth. The coverage and premiums vary from policy to policy.

Either way, it’s a good idea to have a dental check-up with your dentist in Parramatta BEFORE you leave on your holiday, from travelling overseas to somewhere within Australia a routine check ensures if there are any existing problems, they can be fixed before you leave.

Call us on 800 400 55 and speak to one of our friendly team members and we’ll be happy to help you out with all your needs!

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